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Hatching brine shrimp.

i got the part of hatching the brine shrimp but i can never make it last 1-2 days. i feed the shrimp Artemia food which is a powdery formula they eat but they die within 1-3 hours. how do i feed them or something like that? i have the setup like a pump connected to tube with ridged tubing and air stone. currently i am now using 1/5 of a liter to prevent wasting more shrimp eggs.
after hatching do i change the water and how do i separate the eggs and shrimp?
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I have a 2 gallon tank fileld halfway with water and a broken heater that heats the tank up to 95*. I place my hatcheries in it and get hatching very quickly. I dont care about the eggs being in the tank...they don't harm anything anyway.
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i used to use about a 1g tuppaware container (a square cylindrical shape) and would pour an a few tablespoons of salt in there, and right after, i would throw the eggs in, with no airstone, no filter, no heater, no nothing, and over night i would have about 500+ babies swimming in little clouds of each other. although they would only last 2 days before they would all die off, it was easy enough to keep constant food going until i decided to shell out the 4$ for hikari first i cant use anything else O.o feeds the snails in the tank as well as fry, and one packet lasts a good month or so, if your feeding sparringly once a day...

just my 2 cents
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For one the nauplii do not even have a mouth or anus for the first 24 hours of life so don't feed them-you don't have to change the water either unless you are trying to rear the BBS to adulthood and then they have very little nutrition for should be feeding the newly hatched BBS within the first 24-32 hours of hatch and before the first molt and then toss any left after 32 hours for fry younger than 2 weeks.

It is best to have 2-hatcheries going 12-24 hours apart-feeding only newly hatched BBS with their egg sac intact and full of protein, enzymes and HUFA-once the brine shrimp egg sac is absorbed they have very little nutrition for the Betta fry and the Betta fry can starve or have growth and development issues like-twirling, fallers, floaters, skimmers and sudden death..... etc......from starvation and/or eating too many BBS shells

It is important to understand nutrition needs of the fry so to prevent these issues and have greater success with both quality and quantity of Betta fry survival.....
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