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Introducing Cories?

Also some advice on them too on how I'm doing things lol. I did research of course, but I find personal experience from people seems to always be better.

So today I bought some Cories, three Albinos for Labordays side since his gravel is white and three Peppered Cories since Valentine's gravel is black. I've put them together in one of my plastic tubs to quarantine them till the end of the week just to make sure there not sick or anything. I added a bit of Epsom salt, since I heard it can help kill parasites, and I just wanted to be over cautious since they were in fish tanks with a whole bunch of fish and you just never know. I bought them bottom feeder tabs to feed them as well.

Now I bought the smallest one's they had in the tanks, which happened to work out perfect for there were three small one's for the Albinos and three small ones for the Peppered and all the the others were full grown. I figured if I got them small my betta's wouldn't feel like they were intruding so much if they were possibly larger. I have a twenty gallon, but it's divided. Should I buy more or is three an ok number for them when I finally separate them in the tank? If they really need more to group together, I'm more then willing to drive around and try to find some more smaller one's, but I thought three might be good enough for each ten galloned side.

I was also wondering what might be the best way to introduce them? I was thinking this weekend when I do a water change, to take my Betta's out, do the water change which will destroy Valentine's big epic bubble nest and he wont be protective of it, then put the cories in and let them adjust and then add one Betta and see how he reacts to them, and then add the other Betta and do the same. If my betta's pick on them I guess I'll just have to return them, but I'm hoping it works out. I've already dubbed them The Mob.

I feel like a ask so many questions on this forum lol.
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Cory cats are pretty sensitive to salt. I would do a water change as soon as you can and leave the salt out. Just keep the water very clean during the quarantine process.

They should stay in groups of at least 3. Are the corys and betta the only residents on each side of the tank? You could probably add another cat to each side.

They also do not like being in direct light all day. If you don't have plants or decorations, I would add some so they can get out of the spot light for parts of the day. I find that the plant coverage actually makes them more personable. They aren't as skittish because they know the coverage is there when they need it. It's really great watching them "dance" around the plants picking at food.

Make sure you keep the gravel really clean as their barbels are sensitive, but you shouldn't have any problems as long as you keep up with the water changes and gravel vacuuming. Also, though they are scavengers, they should be supplemented with sinking foods. I feed mine small amounts twice a day.

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Sounds good, except for the salt. Cories are sensative to a lot of things, so ask before you put something in the tank. You could add one more cory to each side. Cories are very fun fish, mine eat until there stomach is really big!

Actual stomach size:

------ A little bit smaller.
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I want cories so bad but I have a ten gallon tank divided three ways :( Not enough room.
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Ah crap, I thought I had read that salt was fine with Cories in it as long as it wasn't a large amount -.- Well, now I may know why one of my Albino's died over night...

Well I'm doing a water change now, even skipping class so I can get them out of the salt. I was going to buy a replacement for the one Albino, but now I'm going to wait till tomorrow and make sure the five I have left won't die from the salt I put in -.- Epic failure on my part. If they survive my stupidity I may get one more for each side, because it will be just the Betta and the cories.
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If you redecorate the tank (take the betta out while doing this) the betta will not recognize it as their territory and will not look on the cories as intruders.
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