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Old 11-27-2010, 11:27 PM   #1 
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Exclamation Mother Fish-sitting

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on lately/ Things are STILL really busy with me. :/ it might be Christmas break before I'm on regularly again. :/


The ENTIRE Thanksgiving vacation my mom has been CONSTANTLY telling me that I should leave my boys here until Christmas break because it'll be too stressful for me and she can take care of them.

She's never taken care of fish before. I'm paranoid like whoa.

I DO have a dentist appointment in a couple of weeks so I'll be back before break and I can bring them back up state with me then and back down for Christmas if I decide to leave them here.

I'm just not sure. :/ I'm scared you know? I don't want to be away from them. I mean she's taken GREAT care of my cat and all but these are FISH. They're WAY more complicated.

She has a point though. Finals are upon me and I don't know how badly that will affect my fish-keeping abilities.

My mom is willing to do anything I tell her but I really don't want to stress her out with three boys that require constant attention. :/ She's stressed enough already what with taking care of my aunt's baby and all.

I'm thinking maybe I'll take Firefly and Firedrake back upstate with me and leave Genie here with her to take care of.

I don't know. I thought I'd post on here and see if I could get any feedback before everyone heads off to sleep.

If I leave the boys here then I'm gonna cycle the 2 gallon. I bought a tetra 3i filter so that I could. I love genie's 2 gallon the way it is but well... 3 temporary tanks are a bit much to handle. :/

OH! I bought a new bottle of TSS ($14 FREAKING DOLLARS! >:[ Uhg!) today as well because I wasn't sure if my other bottle was already expired or not. I know for sure that this bottle is definitely ready for use and at it's prime so it gives me piece of mind. <=]

I also bought a neat hide for one of the boys (haven't decided who yet) for only $3 at Wal-mart! =] It's actually an oil warmer but it's just like the toothbrush holder I had earlier so I'm sure it'll be safe for my aquarium. =] Speaking of which I really aughta look for that toothbrush holder. :/ It was really awesome and I hope I didn't trash it. :[

Regardless of what I do I'm going to begin my cycle when I get home (as I couldn't start it before I left due to complications.).

Anyway input is greatly appreciated. <3 Anyone ever had a fish-sitter before? Anyone have trouble trusting their parents with something like this? Have you gotten your parents to do water changes before and if so how well did it go?
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I left my mom with my three boys when I had three for two weeks and her having fish before and one female now kept me content but while I was gone my poor Anardil could not handle me leaving aparently cause he started to bite his tail and got very mild fin rot while I was gone he is better now but his tail is not growing out that much.Other then that Mizu and Carlisle were fine.three fish is alot to take care of when you are used to none I would keep atleast one if you could.
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Old 11-27-2010, 11:45 PM   #3 
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Alright. I'm definitely leaning towards the keeping Firefly and Firedrake with me idea now.

I'll probably leave Genie if I leave any of them. He's a tough little sport. =] If I get her to leave him in the Dining room or something as well then he'd probably have the amount of traffic he's used to, and natural sunlight as well so he wouldn't need a light...
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Old 11-28-2010, 04:25 PM   #4 
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Location: Currently East Coast
Well I decided to leave Genie at home so I could cycle his two gallon. I brought Firefly and Firedrake back to school with me though so that I personally could keep an eye on them. They're still healing up and their immune systems are working overtime so I didn't want to leave them with my mom until she knew how to take care of a healthy one. =]

So since Genie's 100% I thought it'd be good to leave him with her.

The boys and I are back at school now and they're swimming back in their jar and vase. =] Firedrake got REALLY pale brownish on the trip back up but he should color up now that he's back home and has his good food again. =] i can't tell if Firefly paled because he's yellow but he seems fine as well. =] I'm monitoring them closely just in case though. =]

I'm writing my mom some directions for changing water tonight. Thankfully she wont need them for a while since I prepared all three vases back home with clean water (to make the first week easier on her).

But yeah thought I'd update this seeing as how it's had a good number of views. =]
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dilema, finals, fish daycare, fish sitting, scared

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