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What to do with all those new betta's ?

What to do with all those new betta's ?
So I am thinking about breading my betta but I was thinking what am I going to do with all those new betta's? I am only looking to keep 2 new betta's but will the pet stores take the rest? What do yall do with them
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Some Ma & Pa pet shop will take/buy them, some will give you store credit and some will not.....Store credit can vary from a dime each to five dollars each, the Betta will either be cupped for re-sale or used for feeders-depending on the quality, tail type, age, etc.......

The big box type pet shop rarely will take home spawned fish due to them having contracts from fish farms

Craiglist, aquabid, ebay, fish forum-but you will need to know how to ship

Friends, family, neighbors

Local aquarium clubs- are nearly always a good way to rid yourself of home spawned fish and great to join and be a part of.....

Large cichlids

Usually breeding fish especially Bettas will cost you more than you will make unless you have good connections or willing to ship and even then you have to spawn lots of Bettas and other species of fish, inverts and plants to make a profit when dealing locally

You breed/spawn for the pure joy of doing it and cull hard at a young age to limit your numbers to start until you find a good method to re-home/sell, join the local fish club and go to meetings, go to local pet shops and talk face-to-face with the owner or setup a large cichlid tank
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I am new to this Betta thing actually the fish thing in general and although I have no plans in the near future for breeding maybe one day. It looks really interesting and I think it would be a great lesson/experience for my daughter. But I was wondering what would I do with the little ones. I have one local store but he mainly deals with saltwater. I will start looking into the other options and who knows. Thanks
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Old 12-10-2010, 09:52 PM   #4 
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First...don't breed a petstore fish. Breed quality bettas. Selling them will be MUCH easier.
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If you give a petstore fry that look like feeder fish, they will be feeder fish.
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