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Old 12-01-2010, 08:29 AM   #11 
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I'm starting to think maybe his eye was always like that... but the cold has taken a turn for the worse... even I'm freezing! Decided to take action and called Residential Housing and put in a request to have the heating urgently checked and fixed (Hey it's not all for Drax, I've been freezing for almost 2 weeks just finally complaining).

I moved the lamp back alittle, put the vase into a snow hat (Generic snow hat) and tucked a cloth into that and draped it halfway over the opening of the vase. The cloth is what I have the lamp directed at. So it will warm the vase but not blind Drax.

*Feels water* .................. it's cold.

Just like always... Finally something good happens to me and I get a nice Betta fish... Then the fun is pulled out from under me like a free trial. "Ooop! Sorry you had your 4hrs of Betta fish fun! Now you have to worry ALLLLLL day while in class if they fixed the heat while you were gone and if he'll be ok when you get back."

Any Advice on keeping him Warmer! I actually only have an hour before I need to get ready for classes! It's 20F outside, my window sucks out heat, we have no heat...


Had forgotten all about my friend who also got a Betta fish too and complains about her hot room... Texted her, she's awake. Taking Drax to her MUCH warmer room now! *Runs* She actually knows how to take care of Betta fish

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*EDIT AGAIN* As of 7:45am this morning... Drax has been moved to a 80F room. She says I was right to bring Drax... "Yeah Dude, this water is freezing!" So ok still worried but she said she'd (well before she went back to bed) look at his eye later. Kinda nervous though... Her Ruby red colored Male Betta is in a small shallow dish (Ran out of vases for her she'll get one today) it's bout 4 inches tall and 8 inches wide... least he's warm >.>. But she yawned and put Drax's much taller Vase right next to her's... Let's just hope that when Drax warms up he doesn't get any ideas...

Case your wondering... I named him drax, after my favorite James Bond Villain
Sir Hugo Drax, Kinda similar looking mouths they have hahaha As well as him having the same coloration as the Deadly Orchid that Drax uses...

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Congrats on the new buddy & wanting to take care of him properly :)

They also make clear tupperwear type 3-5G tubs (at Staples I found them)...for $5-$10, and
then grab a Tetra preset heater (about $10), and he should be happy as a clam.
A cheap, low light plant that floats is bettas like sleeping on it. :)

Also, maybe I missed it...but if you use distilled water, it lacks minerals...You'll need to add back essential minerals w/ something like Seachem Replenish...OR, switch to tap water & use a conditioner on it to neutralize harmful ammonia/chlorine/chloramines/heavy metals (such as PRIME).

Hope this helps & I'm not repeating what someone else said LoL

PS - Oh ya, and the flakes are good...but he would love a treat of frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp. Watch him freak out over it! lol
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Old 12-01-2010, 10:02 AM   #14 
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Here, I'll put together a simple care sheet so that you'll know what supplies you'll need to pick up for your little buddy... Congrats on the new fish and welcome to the forum!! :D

2-2.5 gallon container (It's not advised to go much smaller because it's harder to heat and you'll have to change the water constantly!)

Water conditioner (Pick it up at walmart, add it to tap water to make it fish safe! Cheaper and better for your fish than distilled or bottled)

25 watt adjustable heater (bettas to best at temperatures above 76 degrees F)

Betta pellets (more nutritional value and less messy than flakes)

Aquarium Salt (also from Walmart, the most commonly used fish medicine, is safe to use for 10 days or less)

Some kind of tall decoration close to the water surface... Bettas breathe air from the surface, so they like to have a place to rest by the water surface sometimes.

A hiding spot. You can use a mug or cup to make a makeshift cave! :)

As for care, just change the water 100% every 2-3 days, and add the water conditioner to the new water. Then feed him 3-5 pellets a day. A betta's stomach is as big as their eyeball, so not overfeeding is important! :)

Good luck with your betta fish! :)

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Originally Posted by baylee767 View Post

Bettas are considered to be the smartest aquarium fish. They are the only fish who can recognize their owners.
That's not true at all. Cichlids and Goldies are much more intelligent than bettas and many fish can recognize owners from other people besides bettas.

To the OP.. Congrats on the fish.

Maybe I missed it but do you have a dechlorinator for your water? It's very important you get one because the Chlorine and Chloramine in tap water is highly toxic to fish.

As for fin orientation fins that are held high are a sign of a confident, healthy fish. Fins that are cramped or low are signs of an unhealthy fish. Yawning could be a sign that he has some internal parasites on his gills, especially if he does it a lot. If his eye is red and swollen he could have pop eye which is a symptom of a bacterial infection and will need to be treated with medication.

Until you can buy better food feed him a small pinch of flakes in the morning and at night. Pelleted foods are a better choice over flake but either will do as long as the flakes have enough protien. Feeding a variety of foods will keep your fish in optimum health.

Until you get a bigger tank your going to want to change the water every single day. If not, harmful ammonia will build up in the tank and can burn your fish.
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Hi! You have very interesting questions and I'm enjoying your enthusiasm. I'm also a college student (zoology) and got my first betta a few months ago. A word of caution: Don't let him distract you too much. I have to study in the library now because of my fish! (I brought him into my home and he kicked me out!)

On the Eye: There is something called Pop eye and depending on the cause, it can be helped. That's all I know about it. There are sites that cover it and there are books you can probably find in the library. Missouri? You have a vet school and I bet they have a library that will help.

You need a heater and a thermometer. Ambient temperature matters. Fish are ectothermic, so you have to find a way to apply heat. Lamps may help in a small tank. My dorm stays cold even in 50F weather (in the south, that's cold) Also, I suggest getting the biggest tank you can afford and the dorm allows. This is more because you will be too busy to give him the frequent water changes he needs in a smaller tank. The initial cost is kind of high (my 5 gallon tank was $36), not to mention all the accessories needed, but it's worth it if it means your new roommate is healthy and happy. Just make sure it's spacious and has plenty of air-water contact for maximum oxygen diffusion.

Watching fish is known to reduce blood pressure. I've also found my betta to be therapeutic.

Holes in his fins could be fin rot.

If you take pictures (really good ones that are well lit and display your concerns well) you can post them in the other blog about sick bettas and ask for opinions on what he has and how to treat it. It's great for getting quick responses when research would take days.

There is such thing as photophobia. A flashlight will help determine that, I THINK. (Swear by nothing I say and understand I know nothing)

Moving a betta can stress them especially if they are already compromised. If he is ill, you want to do as few water changes as possible while helping him (this is where bigger tanks are nice) and make those water changes as stress free as possible.

I understand your fears of leaving him at home. I have a bird that lives with my parents and I nearly cried at the site of her cage. I would never leave my fish with them. He would die and I'm surprised the bird has lasted this long.

Fish interaction: It happens. They are smart. They watch you and know when you're looking at them. Mine swims up to greet me. Do they ask for food? I think so. Mine "dances" where I put his food every morning around 8. Toys? There was a floating rock my fish messes with from time to time, but I think he is testing it for edibility. You can train them. Classical conditioning.

Plants: I have lucky bamboo in my tank. It's been there a week and we've had no problems. He was playing with a piece of root yesterday.

Have fun with your fish! He seems to be in good, caring hands. They ARE entertaining! They have their own personalities (much to my surprise) and I suspect that once you get him a permanent set up, he'll relax. I hope that helped. I've found looking stuff up and getting help from people here to be great. You'll gain your own knowledge as you go along- it's really fun and amazing.
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Lion Mom
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"That's not true at all. Cichlids and Goldies are much more intelligent than bettas and many fish can recognize owners from other people besides bettas."

Was just going to post that - ya beat me to it!!! :) My large cichlids are almost "dog smart"!!!

To the OP: Yes, CONGRATS, on your new betta - he is BEAUTIFUL!!

Till you can get a proper set-up, I have found setting the fish container on a heating pad set on low helps a BUNCH - I had to do that once for a few days in a pinch and it worked like a charm!

Hope that helps! :)
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Originally Posted by 1fish2fish View Post
That's not true at all. Cichlids and Goldies are much more intelligent than bettas and many fish can recognize owners from other people besides bettas.

Lol whoops I meant one of.

I agree lith FearlessLitter ( Awesome username ;D) it's possible it's popeye, but post some pics of it first to verify it before using any medications.
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First of all, I must apologize: I said "site" when I meant "sight." I love puns, but only when intentional! Anyway, I also heard that if you have bamboo, the shoot can be under water, but the leaves will rot and thus need to be above the surface.
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I agree on the goldie comment, I have three of them and after just two weeks with me they already seem to recognize me. <3

To the OP! I'm glad you stumbled across this website.. it looks like everyone has given you a lot of info to digest. It can be stressful to worry over your betta, so just do your best to relax. He should be fine once you get everything set up the way it should be. Post some more pictures when you get a chance. (:
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