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Sponge Filter


I have one male betta fish in a one gallon fish tank with some java ferns that I hope to upgrade in the future (for now though, he has to stay in the 1 gallon. :( )

Anyway, I'll be gone for around a month on winter break, and I plan to give the fish and the tank to my friend to take care of. The thing is, I hope to give her the least amount of work necessary to take care of the fish. I was wondering if setting up a sponge filter will reduce the amount of water changes/ overall work needed? (I currently do a 50% change every three days, and a full water change around every two weeks.)

I'm also unsure of how to set it up. I'm thinking of buying something like the following:

The tank I have him in came with an under gravel filter (which I don't use anymore since it generated a lot of bubbles and I don't mind water changes). Would the air tube and pump it comes with, along with the above sponge, be enough to set a filter up? How would I do it? Is it worth setting up?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance!
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I would not use a sponge filter because it would take up way to much space in a 1 gallon tank. IME sponge filters do not work to well and they don't do a good job of keeping the tank clean. If I were you, I would stick with the frequent water changes until you can get a bigger tank. Also, do you have a heater? You will need a heater if it gets cold in your area. Its just my opinion though, I'm sure someone else can give you a better answer. :)
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sponge filters

My experience with sponge filters suggests they are great; if you let them do what they need to do. starting a sponge is just like cycling a tank. a raw sponge has no value other than mechanical, which is not their strong suite. However, once the bacteria colonize them, life gets a whole lot prettier. You can get small sponges with only a 2" footprint and 3" high. look for hydrosponge.

good luck!
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I had a sponge filter in my 2.5, and it worked out fine. Its just about impossible to find a filter for a tank that small (or smaller in your case) You dont really need to buy a "sponge filter" if you dont need to since all your getting there is the sponge. All it is, is a air pump, to an air line, to a sponge. Thats it...finished, complete. And you can get a sponge for alot less than $4. Heck, I have seen people use just regular yellow kitchen sponges with the air line in it.
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