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Water skimmers?

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of gunk that forms at the top of Astaire's water...not Stamps' tank oddly enough, seeing as I change their water at the same time in the same way with the same size tank and decorations... o_O;

I do skim the gunk off (they look like little clouds at the actually looks like bacteria that sits in stagnant water), but after a few hours, it's back! I actually skim maybe twice a day and it still comes back within a few hours. So, I was looking through petco and petsmart's inventory online and I came across skimmers..which I assume is like a waterline vaccuum?

Anywho, does anyone use skimmers? And if so, is there anything for a 2.5 gallon tank that works decently?

NOTE: I do not use filters. I tried it before and they really, really didn't like it, baffled or not. ><

Also: Because of both betta's recent ailments, I do 100% water changes daily, and have cut down to 50% multiple days a week and 100% at least once a week, or more if it looks like it's necessary.
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Surface scum and oils are mostly organic and harmless-it can be from anything-oils on your hands, fish food, air born, water treatment products...etc......water movement will help keep it broke up so it is not seen as easily

Freshwater water skimmers usually don't work very well in really big tanks and most likely would not work at all in a small tank and you have to have massive water movement/filtration anyway and your guys would not like that much.....

Between water changes you can use a paper towel and lay it over the top and remove the scum/oils, adding a small airstone to keep it broke up...but since your guys don't care for water movement.........
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