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Old 12-05-2010, 10:27 PM   #1 
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Unhappy my niece dumped a bunch of food in the tank while I was gone

My niece was visiting while I was at work yesterday, and she sneaked into my room without my mom or sister's knowledge and fed my betta. By the time I discovered what happened this morning, the water was a brownish green color (I don't know if it's from the excessive food, the fish's bowel movements, or both) and Lala was still eating. I've heard that goldfish will not stop eating. Are bettas the same way? I've completely changed his water, and I haven't fed him anything else. I'm trying to keep an eye on him, but I don't know what to look for or what to do if I do see any signs of poor health. He does not appear lethargic. When will it be safe to feed him again? What else should I do for him? Thanks for any suggestions!
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My advice would be to fast him for two or three days. Definitely watch for signs of bloating. He should be fine.

Bettas like most carnivorous animals are opportunistic feeders. This means they will eat any time food is nearby, whether they are hungry or not since they don't know when or if the next meal is coming.
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Dont panic.. It has happened to me many times before.. Some out town friends come over and bring their kids..Kids want to see the Fish Room..Fish over fed..
You did the right thing.. Keep his/her water clean and watch him/her over the next few days.. and fast him/her for another 4 days or so.. Let all the food pass through his/her system (large poop on the way) and then start feeding..
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Thanks for your help! I obviously didn't want to feed him today, but I was afraid of starving him if I waited too long to feed him. Your advice was exactly what I needed. I am concerned after reading some other posts about betta care on this forum (I just joined today). When I bought Lala, the people at PetSmart said I didn't need much for him- just a bowl, decorations, water treatment, and pellets. I don't have a thermometer, filter, or anything like that. What damage can it cause him since I haven't had those materials?
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Filters aren't really a big deal. Bettas don't usually like a lot of water movement and a strong current can actually hurt them. However a low current filter can mean doing fewer water changes per week.

Bettas DO prefer water temperatures in the high 70s and can become lethargic or sick if the temperature drops too low so a heater is strongly recommended. With a heater you'll need a thermometer to watch the temperature.

A Betta also should have a tank of at least 2.5 gallons. Betta might not be large fish but they do like being able to move. I don't really think fish bowls are big enough for any species of fish. I really wish stores wouldn't sell them, but they don't care about fish they care about money.

The first thing you'll learn is Petsmart/Petco/Walmart lie. They really don't know much, if anything, about fish care but will tell you what you want to hear to make a sale. That's not to say you shouldn't shop there, they do often have great prices. However you should plan ahead before you go in. Decide what you need/want and ignore any suggestions the staff try to give.

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Thanks. They told me in nature bettas live in small pockets of water so they don't usually move around much, so they'd be better off in a bowl. I thought they could have tried convincing me to get a bigger tank if it meant more money, so it seemed to make sense at the time if they told me a bowl would suffice. This is so frustrating that I was misinformed.
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I remember someone here once boasting that their fish bowl bettas lasted as long as three months. I sometimes think that's the motivation for employees. They can either sell you a proper set up and give you the right advice so that you keep your fish healthy for years, or they can give you advice that will have you back every couple of months replacing your betta.

I personally don't keep mine in anything less then five gallons. In my experience these are active fish. They are always patrolling and flaring. They're always moving. But that's MY experience. I know people here with bettas who are just fine with 2.5 gallons. One gallon is tough because it's hard to get a heater for it to maintain the heat they need. They're tropical fish just like any other and they need tropical temps. Unless you live somewhere tropical, room temp isn't high enough.

That small pocket of water thing is a myth.
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The samething happened to me with my step brother. I had to cleanout my grandma's kritter keeper when I had just the other day. I was sooo mad with him that day. I hope his sisters feed his betta and not him.
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I have a cousin who thought bettas only lived for 1 or 2 months!
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