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10g Help!!

I have a 10 gallon tank from my angelfish,Angel RIP. She lived for 9 years!! We never really had to do water changes,and I am going to use it for when I get my Betta. We have a filter,heater,and all that stuff,so how many water changes do I need to do?? Also give me other info that will answer maybe some other questions I have!! Thanks!!
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In my 10 gallon that houses 3 bettas I do one 50% water change a week and vacumn the gravel.
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I do my 10G a bit more often as I have snails which are quite messy!

Mine is divided and I gravel vac one side really well with each water change, alternating each time.

WHEN your tank is cycled, one big water change a week, or two smaller ones(that's the route I prefer) should be good. Just be consistent with the amount and frequency...large sporadic wc's can be hard on fish.

(Also not sure why you didn't 'really have to do water changes' with your Angel. They are a pretty important part of fishkeeping)
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I have a 10 gallon for my Betta- soon to be two Bettas.

Currently he has popeye and I'm treating him with Epsom salt, so I do 100% changes every day, but once he's better I'm sticking to 50% once a week.

I'd suggest 50% once a week on a cycled tank, and use a gravel vacuum to get the fish poo and uneaten food out of the gravel.
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