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helpp :(

hi everyone :)

usually i'm always able to find the help i need browsing through threads, but this time i'm pretty stumped and need some help. i have a betta i kept in the office at work for the past 7 months living in a 1 gallon tank with a small filter. i do 100% water changes weekly, the temp was usually around 75 degrees, the ph 6.0. he's always been active and healthy. almost 2 weeks ago he was showing signs of fin rot and seemed quite lethargic. large pieces of his fins started falling off. i decided to bring him home since it would be easier to control his environment and medicate him. i use amquel+ and novaqua to treat the water, aquarisol as a preventative and some aquarium salt as well.

i spent quite a few hours acclimating him to the water i use home, which has a ph of 7.0. i've been keeping him in a half gallon tank (it's the only spare tank i have :/) between 78-80 degrees and doing full water changes every day since moving him to the smaller tank. i started medicating him with kanaplex and fungus eliminator. he didn't seem to be improving and was floating on his side at the top of the tank. a few days later he also started to develop white cottony puffs coming out of his gills. i added bettazing with the kanaplex and fungus eliminator, and a day later the white stuff was gone and he was right side up again.

i've been continuing the same routine for over a week now. he doesn't appear to be getting worse, but he still has color loss, clamped fins and is lethargic. he doesn't respond to other bettas at all. he still eats, so i'm hoping that's a good sign. my question is though how long should i medicate him for? should i have stopped already? should i switch medications? some directions read to only use it a few days, though i've read articles to keep medicating until the fish looks healthy. i've really been digging through the internet trying to find some solutions but haven't really found a definitive answer.

sorry this is so lengthy :( i'm just really worried about my buddy. any help or advise is definitely appreciated, or even if there are any other similar threads anyone can point me in the direction of that may help.
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