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Popeye, Fungus, Parasites?

Okay so after several OMG MY BETTA WILL DIE threads, I've finally (with some direction by you awesome people, so thanks so much!) been able sit down and pinpoint what could be up. Here is my most recent thread about my Betta, Fidget, who seems to be a bit on the ill side, and here is a thread that has a lot of detail about the progression of my last Betta before he died (some symptoms were the same but I think that may be stress-related, as they were both new fish, rather than illness related but one can never be too certain).

After it was mentioned in another thread that Fidget might have a fungal problem, I looked into Betta fungal problems. It seems as though fungus is generally cottony--is this always the case? I ask because Fidget's spots don't appear to be textured. They look rather like thisfish's silver spots around its head.

I have been keeping Fidget in a dark tank and I just flipped on the light really briefly to take a look at him this morning. He's still definitely stressed (very pale w/ striping) but the tank is properly warmed and such, so I'm still just putting that down to petstore/move/new tank.

However, Fidget also seems to have a bit of something white on one eye, and it seems a bit bigger than the other. I only took a brief look so I'm not entirely sure and could just be being paranoid. Also, my first fish had flat, jet black eyes. Also, Fidget has been kept in a very clean tank since getting here. I'll try to get pictures up but I haven't been able to get any at all clear enough to be of any use.

I'm thinking that the best course of action right now is to go ahead and get some aquarium salts to use, but I'm afraid of adding salts on the grounds that it will stress Fidget out more which can't be good for him...I did 100% change yesterday and he seems to have been a bit better since, but I'm also afraid of doing water changes because my dad keeps yelling at me for stressing him out whenever I do changes. >< Advice? Also, should I treat for popeye just in case or should I just leave it for a bit and see?
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Epsom Salt Stat!

My little Drax has an unknown (Had it before I got him) bad eye which is larger than his other. He's happy as a lark (As my mom puts it) so it's probably permanent but not that bad looking. (Actually just look at my Avatar...
<<<<< thats his bad eye thats facing the camera.

I'd say... maybe mix in 1tsp of Epsom salt or AQ Salt and mix it in. (Mix the salt in AQ water first so it's diluted)

It shouldn't stress him out! If it does, blame me.
but it shouldn't.

Betta's ARE hardy fish (If you keep them in proper set ups) so with alittle extra care this issue should pass.
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