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Friends for Drax?

I'm sure most of you say the pics in the thread 'Tank for Drax'

So what would be the best fish to put in with him? In a 10gal tank would a few females be ok or for ANYMORE Betta's would I need to put a Tank Separator in for that.

I am thinking about Ghost Shrimp... to clean up Drax's food since he seems to be a messy eater XP
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if you put any more bettas in regardless of gender you'll need a divider.

You can't divide the tank and have a sorority on one side. Females need a whole 10 gallon or larger to themselves.

You should wait until your tank has cycled before adding any more fish.

How is your fish-in cycling going so far btw? =] Any ammonia reading yet?

When your tank is cycled you could add some gravel and a bit of sand on top and get about 3 pygmy corries. or you could get some otos.

Shrimp are nice beacause you can have a TON of them without really denting your bio-load but they don't eat a ton of betta food.

I also advise planting your tank because it will help with waste. =]

And when I looked at your picture I saw that some of the leaves and vines of your terrestrial plant are in your tank. you'll want to remove them because they'll rot underwater and foul your tank. =[

If you'd like to plant your tank for cleaning purposes then I'll need to know what kind of light fixture you have in your tank.

Is it incandescent or is it tubular fluorescent? =]
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Location: St. Louis, MO
I don't have a water tester *Cough*

Could that be what the odd smell is?

The light is LED.

The Plant... yeah I know but that plant is probably older than me and been through hell and back so I think it won't decay for awhile. Why? Drax likes swimming around the leaves >.< So until I get a water plant for him to flutter around I'll keep watch on it and if it does show damage, I'll remove it.
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You must get a liquid master test kit in order to determine when you need to change your water since your tank is not cycled. You will need it to determine when your cycle is completed as well, so please get that quickly.

If it is a terrestrial plant--I have not seen the pictures so I'm just assuming--it will die and make a hell of a mess out of your tank. You could get a couple of silk plants for Drax to enjoy in the meantime, but I would really get rid of the terrestrial plant and start researching true aquatic plants. Most of the cheaper LEDs we see on the market these days aren't very powerful at all, so you'll want only plants that have low light requirements like java ferns, java moss, and anubias.

Once your tank is cycled you can start adding stock slowly--pygmy cory cats would be great for a betta tank, provided you have smooth, fine substrate like sand or small round pebbles.

Personally, this is not my favorite way to do things--I prefer to start with an empty tank, conduct a fishless cycle, and once it is done, add the schooling fish, then the betta last. This means you could add the whole school of fish at once, saving stress and more trips to the pet store. If the betta is added last, then he's more likely to accept the other fish because the tank won't be "his territory" at the time that you introduce him.
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(HAtes it when he's lectured when people don't know all the facts)

Check my 'Tank for Drax' thread in Betta care...

The plant leaves (Well most of them) are hanging out of the tank and get sun during the day from a window (Not direct sun) Stop yelling about the plant *Flails* You may know your fish tanks but I know my foliage! The plant used to be in a vase, then a pot, then a vase, then a pot and unloved for 2 years, then a vase, then a pot and thrived for 2 years where the vine became 20ft long, then unloved again where it died back to almost a foot long, I vased it again with Drax, dangled the largest leaf set in the tank (Most of the leaves are outside the tank this is only one part of the plant!)
The water was new Saturday so I think I have a safe zone still of getting the water tester. I think if 2 WEEKS from now I still don't have a tester... THEN you can yell at me.

*Light Bulb* What about small water lilies? These LED's are bright as HELL! You open the tank lid and go blind!
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Your plants must be an Ivy and they are great for added water filtration in aquariums and so are the peace lily and small branches of weepy willow-do watch the leaf for rot- but IME it can take a while for them to rot in the water....but if you plan to add shrimp be warned...they will use this for an escape the shrimpletts will also find their way into the filtration system of the HOB and canisters........

Water testing products are great and I highly recommend them, however, not everyone can afford them and often once they get a kit they have no idea what they are looking at or looking for or what to do with the numbers they get....not a can still safely keep fish, cycle the tank and be successful in general without a test kit provided that you are willing to make the needed water changes

Regardless of filtration and nitrogen cycle stage you still need to make at least one weekly 50% water changes and during the nitrogen cycle making an extra 50% water only water change during the week should maintain water quality on low stocked tanks....

always make that even extra 3rd and 4th water only changes in between regular water changes if you see any behavior changes in the fish......

the fish and livestock in the tank and the power of observation are the best water tester you my opinion and experience.......

but you will have no way to know if the nitrogen cycle is complete without a water test....take the water to the LFS and get the numbers don't accept "Okay" you want numbers....once you have a nitrate reading of at least 5ppm-10ppm and 0ppm on both ammonia and are most likely cycled and on a 10g filtered/cycled tank 1-50% weekly with vacuum should maintain water quality on a properly stocked tank..........

Water test kits are pretty cool to get and use and really fun to impress your friends with the knowledge you have about water quality and how it interacts with life....

Freshwater fish thrive with fresh water and to be a good keeper of fish you must first be a good keeper of water......
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I never said it would kill your fish. :[ It wont. It'll just make the water nasty. Nothing a water change can't fix. :[ I just don't want you to come home to a dirty tank and freak out after the stress of finals. :[

I never yell here except on the rant thread. :[ I yell in all-caps. :[

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Don't say the other posters are yelling :/ They're just trying to help by giving what advise they have (which is really good btw).

You can get the API master test kit from walmart for 20 dollars, it's a great kit, and very accurate, not to mention it'll last a while (I've had mine for 6-7 months, everthing is about half full still :D)

With cycles, you'll know when you're cycled when you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrItes, and 5 or more nitrAtes. Once you have your test kit, test daily for all three, and ammonia or nitrItes ever register above .25, do a 25-50% water change.

I'm not sure what the name of the plant it is, but I know that type of plant will be fine in water for a bit. :) Some awesome water plants are floaters like water lettuce (you can buy some in the garden section of Home Depot really cheap), water wisteria (if you have the right gravel/fertilizer) java moss, etc.

As for tankmates, no females, even in a divided tanks. When females and males are in the same tank, their phermones will drive each other practically insane and they'll constantly be trying to jump to the other side to breed. There have been cases where people on this forum had males and females in divided tanks, and came home to a bubble nest full of eggs with the girl on the guys side. Ghost shrimps are awesome, though some bettas eat them as late night snacks (yummy)

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SEE! OLFISHLADY SAYS THE PLANT IS GOOD! I wish I knew the name... even my mom has forgotten... she's had it so long haha. Probably 30yrs old hahaha The pot it was in which was a decent sized pot was completely root bound!

Mom says Drax is doing fine though (and she's just as Paranoid as me with things like this) So I trust her that Drax is doing ok without me watching him like a Hawk.

Damn really wanted to make a little Sorority!

... Arn't peace lily's normally pot plants? I have one that's never done much in a pot somewhere... only about 6inches tall after 4yrs haha (What some plants I forget about!) It's in a pot with a LARGE Crouton plant (Probably spelled that wrong) Leafy plant with green leaves with yellow speckles.

I'll change the water when I get home Friday... a 50% change. I'd post more but I'm outside waiting for someone and my hands are freezing off haha
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If you want critters to pick up excess food I would have to say cories! 3-4 of the regular sized varieties or up to 6 pygmys. Shrimp may use your vine to crawl out :P

About the liquid test thing, I cycled my 10 gal without one. I did 50% water changes 2x a week for several weeks. After that I lowered it down to 1x a week. Everything is still fine. I cant remember if I cycled the tank with a single betta or a betta+3 cories though...

Is the plant Pothos AKA Devil's Ivy? (google image it) I have had the roots of that plant in my tanks for months with no problems. It has grown considerably - I blame the fish poo :P

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