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Breeding tips for all! Share what you know!

Since so many of you have/do breed bettas, I'm sure you've found some nifty hints and tips. Mind sharing?
I do have a few questions:
How many times a day do you feed your fry?
What type of water changes do you preform for fry? How often?
How long does your spawning process last?
How long do you need to keep the fry tank covered so they grow their labyrinth gill?

Thanks! I know I won't be the only one to appreciate it!
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Lol it's the labrynth organ not gill. I haven't bred yet, but I'm doing some extensive research, so I'll answer all I can.

1. I plan on doing it twice a day
2. PARTIAL, probably 25% every other day until around 2-3 weeks (by then in growout) then every day
3. Can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 days I understand
4. haven't researched that yet, but you'll also need an air pump.

Sorry you didn't get someone who has spawned before, just putting in what I know (=
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I try to feed 3x a day but with my schedule it usually ends up being only 2x a day. My goal with this next spawn is 90% water changes EVERY DAY.

My spawns have not taken more than 48 hours from introduction to completed spawn with one exception where it took a little over 3 days (and that spawn ended up destroyed by the male as well).

My fry tanks are kept covered 100% of the time, when they go into grow out the tank is still covered but just not as tightly as the spawn tank. So maybe 4 weeks with it tightly covered.

Tips: Introduce dried foods early in conjunction with live. For a while the dry food will remain uneaten (with the exception of the smart fry who get it right away) but eventually they'll begin to eat it and will usually take it more readily when they are switched entirely over to dried.

Always do your daily water change/s AFTER feeding, make sure you do a water change after the last meal of the day. This will make sure no food is left to spoil over night.

Free feed the tank at first to ensure every fry can find food and as they grow begin to target feed, eventually conditioning them to come to the top front of the tank.

Fry bellies should always look nice and full.

When spawning stuff the tank FULL of live plants... there's no such thing as too many hiding places, generally speaking.

IAL and humid air above the surface help hold bubblenests together.
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