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Sick female keeps going near suction of filter

I have a sick female... not even sure what she has.... but everytime I get a sick female... she leans herself against the suction part of filter...
Why do they do this? I get worried that they can't get off and drown... I have 5 total. only 1 sick... ph 7.0, nitrite 0 ppm, nitrate 0 ppm, ammonia 0, temp 83.2

She doesn't eat and hardly moves, but when she does move she keeps going towards the suction part of filter, and move her away... looks like she'll be dead by tomorrow... please advise.
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It's a place for her to rest and recuperate. Don't sweat it, she's just relaxing there. It makes it easy for her to get air from the surface. Don't discourage her from doing it. She knows how to get down.
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crowntail lover
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You will need to seperate her fomr the other females and house her in a heated bowl. Add aqua salt, 1tsp/gallon, water conditionar, and see how that helps. Offer her rich foods like live or frozen types and see if she shows interest. You will need to change the water 100% everyday for 10-days doing the same process everytime
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Agreed with ctlover, you need to separate her from the others immediately. Among fish in nature, it is advantageous to pick off any individual that seems sick or weak. When you leave a sick fish of any species with other healthy individuals you risk not only cross-contamination of the disease, but the other individuals will begin to pick on the weakest one until it is dead.

I would put her in a separate, shallow container and do daily 100% water changes. If you don't have a large container and a separate heater, use the largest tupperware/gladware container you can find and float it in your sorority tank to keep her warm. Make sure you add some plant material or some other form of cover for the fish to hide in and perch on within the container. Maybe once she is away from the others she will show you more distinct symptoms that we can help you diagnose and treat.

Even if she does not, putting her in a separate container is a much more humane way for her to pass away than leaving her with the sorority to get pecked apart.
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