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Well, a few weeks ago, my aunt, Shelley, asked me what I wanted for my birthday/christmas. I said a 5 gallon tank for 30 dollars to divide for my bettas. Since then, I've bought a 5 gallon hex from goodwill to put my red/white/blue boy in, and have put Lavian in my 10 gallon community.

Well, today my aunt comes over with a pretty big box, I open it, and it's a 10 gallon tank. Not 5, 10. I have no idea where I'm going to put this, as I already have 2 hamsters, a 10 gallon tank, etc. I had room for a 5 gallon...but wasn't expecting a 10.

Anyway, I don't know what to do. My dream has always been a female sorority, and now that I just got another 10 gallon, maybe this is a possibility.
However, I just bought a 5g hex from goodwill, and am not sure if I should return it, or what. AHHH my room is being taken over by fish tanks and hamsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the plan. My 10 gallon community is overstocked atm, with 1 male betta, 6 glowlight tetras, 4 corys, some shrimp, and 2 adfs. If I did keep all the tanks I have now, (the 10g, 5g hex, and the new 10g) if I could make a sorority with the new tank, and transfer the 2 frogs over as well. Would this be okay? Sorry for the long post, I just wasn't expecting another 10g!

How would these set-ups work?? Any suggestions please?

1 male betta
4 albino corys
6 glowlight tetras

1 male betta
4-5 ghost shrimp

NEW 10G-
5-6 female bettas
2 african dwarf frogs
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I think that'd work. I knew someone who had a sorority with two adf's (sadly, she returned them to me because she didn't like them) and they got along. I think it'd be fine to set up the ten gallon as a sorority OR you could divide it and use it like it was two five gallons. Either or it'd be awesome, and congrats!
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