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AquaBid Betta X Pet Store Betta

Would it be okay to breed a aquabid betta with a pet store betta? I have enough money for them, I saw a girl betta on AB, and this beautiful male a my LPS. Please Answer
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You can but I'd breed a son back to the mom. Just ask the breeder for a male and save shipping.
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Harley is a petstore betta. I would frown upon breeding VT bettas, but I was told on these forums that breeding my petstore male to a quality female would be ok.. and then to take the offspring and breed it with the mother to increase quality in the line. I'm sure whoever was telling me this will come and clarify! Happy pickings!
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Disclaimer: I'm not a betta breeder!!

It would also be kind of a grab bag, you might get all nice fish, a mixture of good/bad fish, or all bad fish. You just don't really know with pet store bettas, they are kind of a wild card. Kinda like taking a mutt dog with unknown background and breeding it to a purebred dog. You'll have no idea what the puppies will look like until after they are born and grown up.

As for is it "ok", that's a question of ethics. Is it ok to breed fish for the sake of breeding with no goal or purpose in mind? That's a highly debated question that only you can answer for yourself.

Edit: You could try to start your own line that way though, by adding quality fish back to pet store fish!

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And hey, if you have homes for all the offspring, or at least have a plan, then I'd say go for it! I'm practicing on my petstore betta to find my breeding preferences, and I plan on keeping most of the fry (with the exception of letting some go to people on the forums here). When I get the AB male and female from Thailand I will start working on my goals!
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What type of finnage/colors are you breeding for?

I know of at least one very reputable breeder with good knowledge of betta genetics that has bred a petstore dthm betta to a very nice female from Sieg's show winning lines. Breeding unrelated fish of unknown genetic history may not result in what you have in mind. For example, the pet store male chosen had a metallic genotype which appeared different than his phenotype, and it was unknown until he produced fry.
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