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Dividing my 10 gallon.

Since I recently learned you aren't supposed to divide tanks between Betta of different genders, I'm only dividing it into two parts. That way, each of my Betta boys will have 5 luxurious gallons of space. =D I'm so excited. I have the tank, gravel, and river rocks. Next month I'm buying the heater and plants, unless I get Christmas money from my Grandmother. Then I will buy them sooner. I also will invest in a heater for my female, but that may have to come later. The bulb in her tank heats her water to a lot warmer than my male's tanks (they don't have lights). We'll see. I just thought I'd share since I'm just SOOOO excited!
I plan to have lots of floating (fake) plants in my aquarium. Both of my boys seem to adore those. Of course, I'll also have plants in normal positions. LOL Once I get a hood, which may be a while, I'm going to get some anacharis and maybe some java fern or java moss. Don't worry, I'm keeping the water level a couple of inches below the top so my boys won't be able to jump over their dividers or jump OUT of the tank. Okay, ramble over!
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