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Question Here's a goal how do I make it real?

Well, when the day comes that I get into breeding, I'll obviously need a goal. So... how would I make white copper dragon half moons with orange marbling and are very strong swimmers with no need to lighten the tail?

How exactly could I acomplish this? To make the Bettas stronger I could probably breed the halfmoons with the bigger, thicker pectoral fins and smaller tails. But, how could I get the coloring and can you give me any more advice as to how make them stronger swimmers?
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Well first we need to look at the genetics of both. Try for a start in genetics.
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Wow, that's a challenge.

Strong swimmers.... Once my fry are big enough to eat adult food, they go into bigger tanks with water pumps (full thrust). I use plants and wood to reduce current a bit and as their resting place. They will be tossed around at first, but eventually they will be strong enough to fight the current. But when they're full grown with long tails, they will still look 'heavy'.

To get shorter fins, you could either cross them to PK's or make them grow fast with fatty food (I use tubefix worms) since very young. They will still have the form, but their tails will only grow about half of body length.
Another advantage in crossing to PK's is that they will have thicker/more massive bodies, which IMO would make them stronger swimmers.

I'm not sure what you mean by white copper dragon with orange marbling. Most dragons have white/silverish bodies. It's the fin's color that give them their names: eg, red dragon = thick white/silver scales with red fins. Black dragon = similar body with black fins. etc. My best guess is mixing dragon - metallic - and orange. But still you would need that perfect mutation to achieve the color combo you want.

Betta colors aren't as simple as mixing paint. And mixing genetic codes isn't as simple as it is explained in articles. You need that perfect mutation to get specific combo's, patterns etc. ..... If I may suggest, set an easier goal for starters and work your way through as you gain more experience and understanding.

Good luck, and keep us posted on your achievements...... oh sorry for the long post.
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Thanks so much! After reading I realize that I was making impossible color combos.. whoops. I'll have to try something easier to make and possible to make! IDK about coloration, but I like the idea of crossing halfmoons with plakats... well halfmoons with halfmoon plakats would probably work better... See I want shorter fins but not plakat short. So maybe crossing generations like this...

1. HM + HMPK (Lets call thte result HMHMPK)

2. HMHMPK+ HM (Let's call this result HMHMHMPK lol)


4. If that line doesn't look strong enough... HMHMHMPK + HMHMPK or HMHMHMPK + HMPK (Meh call the result FISH!!!!!!)

5. if the fins are looking too short... FISH + HM

And breed the strongest swimmers with the thickest pectoral fins, sturdiest bodies, and lightest fin loads, but not the smallest fins.

I'm not trying to create another HMPK, just males with easier to carry fins. I think if I do the above steps I'll shrink the fins a bit and have stronger Bettas. The fins seem to be the easier part... the colors are going to be complex XD

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It's good that you are researching all this and have a goal in mind for breeding. And you have several knowledgeable people here that can give you good advice. :)
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