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**Kind of an Emergency** Injured pectoral fin in sorority.

Hi guys, well its been about a week since I've set up my sorority, and up until yesterday things seemed to be going great. I have 6 in the sorority now, because Sadira is recovering from SBD in a hospital tank, and is looking much, much better. Now a few days ago I noticed Gemini, (The smallest girl, and lowest on the pecking order,) Resting on the sand quite often. I just thought maybe she wanted to get away from the other girls, but now she's breathing hard and always laying on the sand, with her tail pointing up. But what has me really concerned, is my favorite VT girl Lyra, who seems to have gotten her left pectoral fin injured. I don't know how, maybe one of the girls nipped it, but it looks a bit smaller and she has it clamped to her side. Lyra did eat this morning and will swim when she wants to, to go to the top and get air.

I'm just concerned about both of them because they're two of my favorite girls, and I would hate it if anything bad happened. I was also concerned because if I do have to quarantine either of them, will that screw up the girls pecking order? Anyone that could help, please do lol. I get really concerned about my fish and I want to figure out the best way to treat them.

BTW they're in a 10 gallon sorority with daily 50%-75% water changes. The tank isn't cycled yet, but a friend is sending me some mature filter media on monday, and it should be here by Wednesday. Thank you!
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