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Question Stress with water changing?

Would the fish get stressed with water changing? is there something that i could add to the water to help with the stress?

i am trying to cycle the tank with him in it cause theres no where else for him to go, (i've prolly got the answer elsewhere but that'll take ages to find) so do i clean up the stuff settled on the bottom of the tank or would that disrupt the cycle?
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I'm a beginner too.. but what do you use for cycling? and also is there a difference in temperature when you add new water? They have instant fish in cycling products.. I have Cycle for regular cycling and something called Start Smart for fish in cycling.
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Unfortunatly i've had to do the cycle with my poor Betta in because i didnt know any better and only found this site after i got him. thats called the "fish in" cycle with isnt really advised cause the poor fish wont be too happy.

The water of the tank should be around 76-86F, getting the new water to the same temp will put less stress on the fish, and wont cause too much shock from the sudden drop in temp.

This thread tells you about and how to do a cycle:

and this one is general Betta care to keep your fishy happy!

if you havent read them yet....
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IMO/E- you can safely cycle the tank with the Betta provided that you are willing to make the needed water changes and keep the ammonia, nitrite 0.25ppm or lower.

The nitrogen cycle: you have two different bacteria-one that converts ammonia to nitrite and one that converts nitrite to nitrate....these bacteria are sticky and adhere to everything in the tank-like the walls, decorations, live and fake plants, in the top layer of substrate/gravel and in the filter media...very little are in the water column so water only changes will not stall/slow the nitrogen cycle, however, over cleaning of the substrate and/or filter media can...during the cycling process you don't want to vacuum the substrate/gravel more than weekly or use chlorinated water to clean the filter media or change it out.....once the nitrogen cycle is complete by evidence of a nitrate reading of at least 5ppm and with 0ppm ammonia, nitrite (this can take 4-8 weeks) and the tank has matured some (3+ months) you can safely vacuum and change the filter media more often, however, you usually don't need to as the tank good bacteria will take care of itself as long as you are doing at least 50% weekly water changes (5gal and larger{twice weekly 1-4gal}) since you are dealing with a closed system

The good bacteria need oxygenated water, food source and a surface area to colonize-in order to get a true cycle you need some type of oxygen source like a filter or airstone-surface area is everything in the tank-the top layer of the substrate/gravel due to the oxygen level-a lot will be in the filter media and the food source is the waste or organics produced by the livestock and/or live plants....nitrifying/good bacteria are alive and have needs somewhat like fish....

During the cycling process(4-8 weeks) with the Betta- more water only changes are needed unless you have a water testing kit to test for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH(based on these numbers you make extra water changes)...
without testing kit: along with the regular weekly or twice weekly water change with substrate/gravel vacuuming/cleaning(depending on tank size and stocking) you will make some water only changes and water only changes if the Betta has any behavior changes...even if you just did a water change the day before

Stocking numbers change the fish in cycle
Live plants can change the fish in cycle-depending on the number and species of plants-they can use ammonia before it converts
Other things that can change the process-pH, water temp, food, feeding, seeding to name a few.....

IMO-the products used to cycle tanks are a waste of time and money...if you are willing and able to make the needed water changes you can safely complete the cycling process without injury to the fish or use of a water testing kit, however, I highly recommend a good master test kit-it will make the process easier on both of you and you will know when the cycling process is over and you can reduce the number of water changes than just guessing...but you can also take the water to a pet shop that will often test your water for free......

Water changes can be made without stressing the fish once the fish gets used to them and when they are done properly...often the fish will start to look forward to water changes too......going slow, using like temp water and a good dechlorinator and leaving the fish in the tank for the water changes......freshwater fish thrive with fresh be a good keeper of fish you must first be a good keeper of water.....
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