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Pinhole size hole in King's fin

King is his name not his size (he is pretty big though, and older). He has a approx a pin hole size tear in the almost exact middle of his anal fin. I think I know how it happened. He was playing on top of a plastic plant and I noticed a tiny, tiny piece if something that was his color. I took the plant out over a week ago.

His parameters are normal.
He eats pellets x2am. x1 noon, x2pm (maybe an extra now and then for a treat). He has one day of fasting (Monday).
He has a filter.
He has a heater (temp 75-78).
Tank size....
um he has a unique situation. He gets tired swimming around his cylinder 3 gal. He mostly lives in a rectangle critter keeper (approx 9in long, 4inch wide, and 6inch deep). Ya I know it's small but he is the happiest and most active in it. He gets excercise in his large tank atleast every other day. He swims and plays for a few hours and when he starts to tire, I move him back to his apartment tank. The apt. tank is inside the 3 gal. tank so it's heated and when he is in the 3 gal tank it's like a labrynth for him.
In his apartment tank he has several plastic plants (not the ripper, took that out) and some smooth stones. In his 3 gal. he has several of the same plants, smooth stones, his cave (again smooth) and his apartment tank, filter and heater.

Oh water changes, I change the apartment tank 100% every other day, and the 3 gals, 40-75% 2x a week. He is due for a 100% water change Sunday and I am thinking of completely submerging his apartment tank (at mid level). Right now the water line is 2 inches below the outside if the apartment tank, and 1 inch below in the inside of the tank. I don't want him to hurt himself trying to get from one to the other.

If he needs salt, can I use epson salt? I would prefer not to feed him blood worms, I am paranoid about parasites. His behavior is happy and normal. Will the hole repair itself even in the middle of the fin? I tried to get a pic of the tear, but it doesn't show in the pics. Sorry so wordy. I tried to include everything to save time.
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Since you caught it early and on top of things-usually clean water from some daily water change and time will do the job...along with a good staple diet he should heal up in no may take a week or two and sometimes longer depending on his age...keep an eye on it and I know you will and if it looks to be getting bigger or changes then Epsom salt or aquarium salt treatment may be needed...keep us posted....
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thanks so much!! I guess I will be waiting to submerge his apartment LOL since its easier the change the keeper than the tank.
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Same thing happened to my betta. I did a water change and it just cleared up.
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His hole is gone. It healed so quickly it made me wonder was it really ever there.........
but yeah it was.

OH I also submerged his apartment tank! So now he can swim freely in the 3 gal and when he gets tired he can (hopefully he will) swim into the apt. tank to rest instead of behind the filter. He has swum inide the apt. tank 3 times and rested for a few minutes and swam back out!
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