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Medications to generally keep on hand?

Just wondering, what would you recommend keeping stocked in case your betta gets sick? I went out today and wound up buying some aquarium salt along with a bottle of Prime-- but it got me thinking. Maybe I should have more than just that on hand for illness, should it strike.

So, help me make a list? xD
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What I always have on hand since I don't use any of the OTC medications- along with other supplies I keep on hand...

Fresh clean dechlorinated water and water changes (number one medication)
Aquariums salt or Kosher salt (Sodium Chloride)
Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
Naturally dried and fallen from the tree native Oak leaf (tannins)
Fresh garlic (appetite stimulant and to purge for internal parasites)
Plastic veggie wrap (retain warm/humid environment)
Clean 1gal jug with a lid (used to mix treatment water)
Digital thermometer (temp regulation)
Small QT container (for treatment)
Duct tape (to attach QT to inside of heated tank)
Eye dropper (use varies)
Tweezers (use varies)
Live foods (seasonal)
Clove oil (euthanasia)

I personally chose not to use OTC antibiotic and other medication because they tend to be too harsh on both the Fish and the environment and often over used and/or incorrectly used that causes resistant issues etc...,however, I see nothing wrong with the use if the hobbyist so chooses and used responsibly/correctly and often the only choice in some cases, use can be beneficial when used correctly- for the right reason, dosage and duration...

I have just found other methods that work just as well when the problem/issue is caught early and treated naturally...

Prevention is always the best treatment, however, sometimes stuff happens even with the best care and sometimes we get them sick from the start.......

Freshwater fish thrive with fresh be a good keeper of fish you must first be a good keeper of water.....
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May I ask how the garlic works for parasites? I don't really expect to encounter disease, as I plan to keep things nice and clean. But I just don't want to wind up stuck in a spot where I don't have the tools to help my fish get better should I need to. From what I've read around here-- mostly from you, really, I've got a lot of faith in just keeping the water clean. But still, I'd be worried if something happened, you know?
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Fresh garlic for internal parasites helps purge the digestive system-it takes 6 weeks to see results-so when you have parasite issues causing problem for the fish today...the garlic may not be the best treatment

Most fish have internal parasites in low numbers that are not problematic/symptomatic-however, once the fish becomes stressed, immune response compromised, stops eating or becomes constipated for long periods the internal parasites can reproduce to the point of becoming a problem
I feed fresh garlic daily to my fish as part of my homemade food

It is a good idea to be prepared-even with good husbandry practice-stuff happens sometimes that are out of our control.....
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