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A few quick questions

So I got a beta from my sister for Christmas, got it in just a vase with some rocks in the bottom. Well I decided to upgrade the little guy's home, so I went to walmart and bought a little 1 gallon tank and a plant and some natural looking gravel. (I also put in some quartz crystals in there). It came with a air pump/ filter thing, but it seems that I got jipped a airstone so I didn't hook it up yet.

So here's my questions. Do I need the air filter thing, cause I was planning on getting a airstone tomorrow if I did. Do I need to get a heater?

Also, right now he's just in the top corner of the tank and hasn't really been swimming around much (I assume it's because I just transferred him over to the tank?)
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The filter isn't required, it just helps keep the water a little cleaner but as long as you are doing water changes every other day it'll be fine. Quite often filters are actually too powerful and will hurt the Betta.

Heaters are important though, Bettas need temperatures around 76-80 degrees. Once you get that he should perk right up.
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Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

In a 1gal-tank you can use a filter or airstone if you want and they are fine without them as well-with or without filtration will change the water changes to a degree
Unfiltered-1-50% and 1-100% per week
Filtered-twice weekly 50% water changes-one needs to include substrate cleaning

If you are on city water supply you need a good dechlorinator to treat the water for chlorine, chloriamine and heavy metal before it is added to the fish

Unless you live in a tropical location-you will need a heater to maintain a stable water temp in the 76-80F range-
In the 1gal tanks I use the pre-set 25w tetra brand heater and this maintains my water temp-this can vary depending on room temp

You also need a thermometer to monitor the water temp for both the tank and for the replacement water for water changes.
It is important to try and keep the water temp within a couple of degrees from new and old water with water changes to prevent temp related problems.

I would take a look around the forum and read all the sticky posted-these will help give you a general idea about Betta care and what you don't understand ask questions....lots of great folks on this forum that will be happy to help

Lots of different ways and opinion on keeping this species of fish successfully...its finding what works best for you......mine is only one.....

Your Betta may be sitting at the top because he is new and adjusting to the tank or too cool of water temp or...if on city water supply did you use enough dechlorinator...are but a few things that could be the cause....

Look forward to hearing more about your new wet-pet and seeing pics...we love pics.......
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I'm new to bettas too(kinda, got mine in August) but I would liketo say that you can find a lot of good info out here, even if it's not from me. If you ask the right questions, people will give you a lot of info. Take the comment before mine as an example. Sorry I'm not of much help, but looking at other people's threads will also help, especially if you forget to ask the questions they answer! ^.^
P.S. My sister got me a betta for my birthday, in August! ^.^
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Thanks for the help everyone, it is much appreciated. Gonna get the filter tomorrow, along with a siphon to help with changing water. Named the little guy Garfunkel, sis named hers Simon (anyone who gets it is awesome). I've seen ways to modify the air pumps to make them easier on bettas so I'll probably end up doing that. Anymore advice for a newbie would be much appreciated.

On a side note, I have had one betta before this, but my mother didn't think I was taking care of it enough, so she took it, put it in a 55 gallon aquarium with a lot of other bigger fish, and he died.(eaten) Talk about irony.

Luckily I'm on my own now, and I'm glad to say I'll be taking very good care of Garfunkel.
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It's preferable to get at least 2.5 gallons because than your Betta will thrive and start swimming more often with more energy and the water changing scedule will be easier. If you got a 5 gallon tank you could cycle it and never have to do a 100% waterchange.

So long as you keep up the water changes, 1 gallon is okay. The bigger the better!

Lol I get it, Simon. Grumpy Betta.

Some more advice... By condition your water (as you probably know... but might not) They mean putting in a chemical such as aquasafe or prime that removes chlorine, heavy metals, ammonia, etc.

Be careful to only feed 3 or 4 pellets a day if you feed pellets. Unless they are huge pellets, lol. A Bettas stomach is the size of their eye, so it's really easy to overfeed them.

And of course you'll need an adjustable heater and keep the temp around 76 - 80 degrees preferably.

That's all I can think of for advice right now. Hope I helped some.
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