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Curious about other female betta tanks.

This is my first time posting on the forum and I was curious about other all-female tanks and how their bettas behaved.

I have five girls, two veiltails and three crowntails in a 14 gallon tank (I named them after the girls on Vampire Diaries : Katherine(VT), Bonnie(VT), Elena(CT), Caroline(CT), and Rose(CT)). I have a bunch of caves, rocks, and logs stacked high in the tank with a few plants to give them plenty of hiding places and break up the sight lines.

The smallest crowntail (Elena) was picked on by all the others and nearly died, so she lives in her own bowl in my bedroom. I hate keeping a betta in such a small space, but she seems very happy there. Now that she's healed and healthy, I'm wondering if I should add her back in to the bigger tank, but I'm not sure it's safe and I really don't want to lose her. Should I try to add her back in (after moving out all my other girls and moving around the furniture, etc.), or add in another betta? Or is four enough for my girls to live together happily in the long run?

A funny thing about my tank. At first Katherine was extremely aggressive(for those of you who watch VD, you'll understand why I named her Katherine), so I moved her and Bonnie to my 20 gallon community tank for a short period. I had read that you could keep a single male betta with two females in a tank with good hiding places and plenty of plants, but I decided that my male was too stressed out by their addition and that it wouldn't work. I moved them back to the other tank and was certain I'd have to take them back, but they seemed to be changed fish. Now the two veiltails seem to love each and never swim very far away from each other.
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crowntail lover
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You can try adding her after taking the other females out and rearranging the decor like you said.. and just keep an eye on the other females when you put them in the tank.
Good luck, and Welcome!
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I would say add her again for sure. If she's not the aggressor then it usually is only a matter of time before she re-acclimates. I have a 29 gallon sorority with 8 females in it (There used to be 11 but I had a disease outbreak so I'm going to work my way back up) and with my sorority the only ones I've ever had to take out were the aggressors. Eventually you'll either determine that the one bullying the little one is too aggressive or the she'll figure out how to defend herself. I would try adding more girls though, a 14 could probably have more than 5 and higher number spreads out aggression.
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