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Old 12-29-2010, 11:05 PM   #21 
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Yes, they could have hitchhiked on the plants. They're not a bad thing so don't worry about blame! I used to have them in Whiskey's tank and I vacuumed every week like clockwork. Maybe Drax will make a snack out of them eventually. Just google images and compare and please switch to Sleepytime or Chamomile tea! :P

You know, I once medicated Whiskey with maracyn for two whole weeks because I was convinced his color change was septicemia. We all panic at first. It's so normal.
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Old 12-31-2010, 08:55 AM   #22 
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*After having slept for nearly a day*

Problem Solved Itself? *Looking all over tank*

I did extensive research on what could have been the Infestation but there was very little info, I WAS VERY pleased to find out it COULDN'T have possibly been ICK. Since ICK in it's Cyst state CANNOT be visible to the naked eye.

I didn't find anything telling me what it was but I did find someone who had posted on another site and had posted... Illustrations of what the things looked like and he had it spot on! The person (An Expert on weird hitchhikers such as stuff that grows on Live Rocks you can get for tanks) answered saying that it's nothing to worry about and that he should just observe and watch what happens.

What Happened?

As far as I can tell... nothing... There are less white dots now and the Anacharis seems to be FINALLY perking up. I plan to post pics today... then do a water change... I want to take pics before because after a water change Drax flares at me and seems to just want to be alone, kinda like most people after a long car trip haha.

I think it's because I superheated the water (82F) Don't YELL! Drax seems to like it this temp! At around 78F he always stays over by the heater anyway... I think the warm water may have killed whatever the things were making them drop off the Anacharis and the glass.
I'll change the temp back to 80F after the things have totally vanished. Even if you think it's too warm... whatever Drax likes it warmer.
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Old 01-01-2011, 07:54 PM   #23 
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I been having a problem with lil white....speks in my 20 gallon tank and did some research and most people were saying it is dust, snails, worms, microrganisms, or uneaten food. My speks do not stick to the plants or glass so no clue to what I have but I hope you can get some relief. Here is a site of the lovely tiny bugs.
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