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Which Method Works Best

So i want to breed my first bettas but before i get them i want to have everything they need. Like tanks and growout tanks but was wondering which method works the best and what i need. I have heard about using tubs instead of tanks and like how many gallons you breed in and like what and how many weeks do you condition

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The most widely used method is a bare bottom 10 gallon half filled. From there you just have to tweak based on what you think will work for you.

My spawning set up is a little different. I use a 5 gallon plastic tub filled full except for about 2in of air space at the top. I use a 50 watt heater set at 84*F. I tint the water until it looks like tea using IAL and I leave the leaves in the tank to decompose so they continue to let off tannins. I add about 5 full grown malaysian trumpet snails and fill the tub almost entirely full with live java moss.

For nest sites I use bubble wrap placed bubble side down or a plastic lid to something.

I add the pair at the same time. Depending on the aggression levels of the pair I may jar the female in a clear plastic cup. If the pair is more docile I just set them both loose at the same time. I keep the lid locked tightly on except when feeding and water changing to keep the tank humid.

I've had pretty good success so far with this method. With the full tank you can avoid water changes for the first week and the 5 gallon is big enough to hold a small spawn until they're about 4 weeks old, after which you'll want to move them to a grow out. I'm currently using a 12 gallon tank as a grow out for my 11 females. My males are jarred in 1/2 gallon critter keepers.
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My set up is pretty similar to 1fish2fish's. I use a 4 gallon Sterilite tub with 3 inches of water, submersible heater set at 86 degrees, almond leaf lid or styrofoam cup as a nest anchor and a bushy plant. Sometimes I jar the female, sometimes I don't. I keep the tank very dark and I rarely disturb the pair. This is known as "shallow spawn" method. has many methods that work, read each one. I like my tub to be a very dark a dark ember color from the almond leaves.
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