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I think Drax needs little fish glasses... do I call Lenscrafters?

First... Random Tidbit:
Hmm Drax seems to not want to bite me anymore it's odd, I wanted to test that so I managed to get a pellet to stick to my finger and I hovered it just JUST over the water and he didn't jump, did the same with the Tweezers and ... actually I forgot if he did or not but I'm happy I was thinking he hated me!
I don't want to sound silly but I did manage to stroke him on the top fin gently and he didn't dart off... actually he didn't seem to even notice...

He seems to have ALOT of trouble finding the pellets when I drop them on the waters surface! Unless it's directly in front of him like an inch he totally doesn't see them!

HOW I FEED HIM: I take a pellet and drop it by him when he knows I'm feeding him... but he never notices the pellet... yet continues to look at me as if I didn't put one in! Then he starts ramming against the glass like "RAWR FEED ME DANGIT!" While I'm trying to fish the pellet out before the filter current pushes it underwater. I mean shouldn't he be able to smell the pellet! His... GOOD eye looks just fine. He just... it's almost like he's SOO hungry he just watches me and forgets my hand is above him trying to aim just infront of him...

How can I get him to pay more attention... or is he possibly going blind or... something?

I've really gotten to love that stupid Filter! I don't even have a sponge attached to it by rubberband... that made it hard to fiddle with. I now have the sponge longways against the filter and so the sponge sticks out of the hood and gets wedged there without the need of a rubberband... it won't slip out, it's wedged good. and now I can adjust it with ease! Like if I want to change the current around it's fun! Drax likes to chase against the water like a dog biting at a stream of water from the hose. I mean does that mean he's working out in a sense? I'll change the current but then a minute later he's rushing against that. Before I go to bed I change the current so it gently flows to the right side of the tank making it a slow whirlpool... and I mean slow but water must move since the Biowheel still spins. (Sometimes it pretty much stops if I adjust the sponge oddly).
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I'm not sure...I have a female who has a hard time finding pellets in the sorority...she doesn't bump into things but can never find the pellet. I usually net her and hold her near the surface to make sure she gets enough to eat.
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I don't know.. now he was fine.

I think he just often gets too eager.
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