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Adding Ghost Shrimp but May Have a Problem


I purchased 5 ghost home and there were six in the bag. My plan is/was 3 in with a betta in a 10 gal. and 2 in with a betta in a 5 gal. (now I'll probably do 4 and 2).

I really don't want to sign up with another site if my question can be answered here, so I'll give it go...

5 of my new shrimp are mostly clear/glassy looking except for what appears to be normal "inards". 1 shrimp has what looks like a ball of white cottony stuff nearer his tail than his head...just a ball of it..otherwise the rest of this guy is completely see-through.

In some preliminary internet research it appears he may have a worm. So, these are my questions:

1) Should I go ahead and put him in with the betta and just see what happens? Why?

2) Should I put him in a QT tank and see what happens and treat somehow? Why?

3) Should I just cul this guy? If so, why?

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.
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You can't really treat ghost shrimp or shrimp in general due to most products will just kill them...are you sure the white ball is not eggs/shrimpletts...two kinds of ghost shrimp-1 will reproduce in freshwater and one will not...I can't remember which is which off hand...when in doubt...cull...better safe than it was an extra

I would Qt in a small container and see what happens

When I had ghost shrimp they would go from clear to solid white starting at the base of the tail when they were getting close to the end of life since they don't live long to start (1-2 years)...When they turned totally solid white I called them my Zombie shrimp or walking reproduced in my freshwater planted tanks just like my red cherry that they would release tiny shrimpletts and not larva-
I don't keep them anymore since I have two different type of shrimp now and the ghost shrimp would eat their the wild fish I collected happened to love ghost shrimp and ate them now I only have red cherry shrimp and the yellow color morph.
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Thanks for your advice. I took the affected shrimp away from the rest and he was dead in about ten minutes. I don't know if it was too much stress or what, as it was quite a chore getting him out...a lot of chasing around.

I thought perhaps it was eggs, but being inexperienced, I didn't want to take a chance of having him/her in with the rest. It definitely wasn't eggs on the outside of the body, but may have been inside. The remaining 5 look great and I will probably add to tanks tomorrow. I also have a apple/mystery snail to add as well.
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ghost shrimp

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