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I got a 15 gallon tank!

Hey guys,

My brother bought me a 15 gallon Top Fin fishtank for Christmas this year. It's a starter kit that has it all - the light, filter, sample foods and conditioner, etc. What I need to get is the decor, gravel, dividers, and the heater.

I have three bettas and I think I am going to put two in it. They will have 7.5 gallons to themselves that way. I have numerous questions if you guys will be kind enough to help me.

Can both sides of the tank successfully be filtered with a divider? Because I am under the assumption the filter will be placed one one side so I am wondering if the side on the other side of the divider will be filtered well too? I am afraid only the side I put it on will be taken care of and the other size won't do good. Or should I put a filter on each side? This is what confuses me the most.

What are some recommended chemicals to put in a big,filtered tank? I am going to use water conditioner when I first put water in it. What else will it need?

I also heard that filtered tanks only need about a 30% water change once a month (or was it every two weeks?) and little vaccuming on the gravel once or so a week. Do I have my facts straight?

Also, is there one or two other fish I can put in with them since they are roomy? Maybe I could get each betta a small tankmate. A type of tropical fish they'd get along with and don't mind being solitary. Or even if there are something tropical that are tiny and can live in small groups with them? But if you guys think they'd be better off on their lonesome, that's cool too. I'd just like to get something else if you think they'd get along fine.

I am thinking about getting some real plants. I heard they like the kinds that float at the top of the water so they can rest in them. What is it called?

Do you guys recommend the dividers at Petsmart, even if you have to cut them to fit?

I think that's it for now. I'm excited about this tank and I can't wait to get it set up! I am getting a stand for it tomorrow and the heater and divider, and whatever else is recommended. I'm sure I'll have more questions before it's over.

Thanks in advance, guys.
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Location: USA much fun setting new tanks up....

In a 15g filtered divided for two bettas-once the nitrogen cycle is completed-water changes of 50% weekly with substrate/gravel vacuuming in all areas that can be reached without moving anything or disruption of live plant roots to maintain water quality

With the hang on back (HOB) type filters-usually you can place them near the center of the tank-one side of the divided tank will have the overflow and the other side will have the intake...depending on the type of divider you use

Filter media needs a swish/rinse in old tank water a couple of times a month and when the water flow slow to maintain water flow

Chemical additives-IMO/E the only chemical additive you need is a good dechlorinator that covers-chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals

You need a heater and thermometer to maintain a stable water temp in the 76-80F range

IMO-you will not have enough room to add any other fish in the divided 7.5g sections, however, you could try shrimp and/or snail....some bettas tolerate them and other do not...each Betta tend to be different in their tolerance

Live plants-adding low light plants like anubias, java fern, java moss, vals, wisteria to name a few can add to the beauty and life of the aquarium...but silk type plants will be fine as well...

Good quality varied diet

What are your nitrogen cycle plan

Look forward to pic of your Bettas and the new 15g once you get it setup......

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I checked the Aqadvisor stock calculator. You can keep 1-3 guppies in each side... but only if you choose ones that aren't flashy and your males are VERY relaxed and not aggressive. If I were you I'd do it, but that's just me...
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Thank you guys for the help!

I am unfamiliar with the nitrogen cycle but as soon as it's full I plan on figuring it out before actually putting the fish in, because I know it can take a few days go get a good one. I have a link on it.

I got the stand, heater, thermometer, and some more gravel tonight.

Guppies are nice. Do they need small groups to be happy? I heard mollies can go well with bettas, but I don't know if my tank is too small.

I saw ghost shrimp at Petsmart and if other finned friends aren't going to work, I may get a few of them. I heard good things about them living with bettas. Not the mention they are kinda cool looking and I heard they eat some of the debris on the bottom of the tank which is handy.
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