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50% Water Changes

Okay... So I know this is a very beginner question, but how might one go about doing a 50% water change? I've been doing a lot of 100% water changes, and it is getting kind of time consuming. Thanks for your help! (And sorry for the newbie-like question haha.)
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I generally use a siphon to drain the water, then you just pull it out when you've drained enough.
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Depending on the tank the smaller tanks (less than 5gal) I like to do the stir and dip method for my 50% with substrate cleaning

Unplug the heater and filter
I leave the Betta in the tank
I use a chopstick but anything will work-give the substrate/gravel a little stir to get the waste up in the water column and use a plastic cup and dip half the water won't get all the waste out and that is okay
Refill with like temp dechlorinated water
Plug the filter and heater back in-the water should clear in about an hour or so
With a filter-the media needs to be rinsed/swish a couple of times a month in old tank water with a water change and when the water flow slow to maintain water flow
Live plants-be careful and not disturb root

Larger tanks (5gal and larger)
I like to use a siphon and vacuum in all areas that can be reached without moving anything or disruption of plant roots
In unplanted 5 and 10gal tanks- I like to re-arrange and deep vacuum under the large hard scape items every 3-4 months
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50%, water change

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