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should i take out the female?please help!

okay, so i have both my couple in the breeding tank right now. i had her in a vase for a day, and at first they flared at each other, but the she submitted and even seemed to flirt with him some. she had breeding bars (at least as best i could tell she did, but she is very light colored so its pretty hard to tell) and was very eggy when i put her in, and he had a nice bubble nest started. so i put her in, and he starts chasing her like i knew he would, then he started trying to flirt with her, and she just keeps running. they have been in there for nearly 4 hours and she just wont respond to him. hes trying, swimming beside her and wiggling, but she just dives to the bottom of the tank and wont look at him. then, she went and smashed him nest. i would leave them in their, but im afraid she is going to get hurt, because he keeps biting at her tail. she has a couple little chunks missing from it now... i know hes not biting her to be mean though, hes just getting frustrated when she wont pay any attention to him.

so should i just call this one quits, if shes not showing any interest anymore? shes still eggy, but i dont think she has breeding bars, if she even did in the first place. is this kind of thing normal, for the female to act totally uninterested :/ please let me know quick!
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As long as you have plenty of hiding places and space in the tank so that she can get away from him to rest....I would leave her...its important to have either lots of live plants or silk plants crammed in the tank to the point that he has trouble getting through but she doesn't and that this is at least 10gal either over half full or full to the top.....some items in the tank need to go all the way to the top so she can get to the top for air without being seen right away by the male....its common for them to chase, nip etc.....and some nipped fins are expected....sometimes they will even look like they are going to start embracing and one or the other will attack and it all start over long as neither look too bad or tired and the tank is setup correctly all should be fine.....feed them and turn out the lights and often they will either spawn at first light or have already spawned....provided that they are healthy, of breeding age and have been conditioned properly to start......but...when in doubt....take her out....if she was not properly conditioned or too young she could be killed......
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thank you OFL! i think im going to add a few more pans to the tank, just to be sure... and if it gets any worse ill take her out. they are both about 5 months i believe, and they were conditioned for about a week until they both looked ready to breed. hopefully they will surprise me :) and its a 10 gallon, i think ill also put some more water in their, because i was told to only put like 5 inches of water. thank you for the advice!!!
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