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Unhappy How long until he heals?

I'm not posting this in the Betta fish diseases and emergencies because it isn't an emergency.

Bettaslave will know the answers to these questions best probably since she reccomended the treatment I'm doing.

Okay so I justrecently found out Velvet has internal parasites after he spent 2 weeks with SBD (I think it's been 2 weeks...) And Bettaslave reccomended I soak his pellets in garlic juice, and in a couple of months he'll be good again.

I really don't like this SBD though. I've been treating Velvet for 4 or 5 days now (Today's fasting day) And his SBD is still being kinda a problem. It's caused from the worms "blocking" him up and making his stomach swell.. then ta-da! SBD. Well, his swelling stomach has gone down, I'm guessing it's from the garlic pellets, and he's finally doing a bit better. He can travel all over the tank now and doesn't tip over onto his side!

But he's definatly off balanced. His body is always vertical, either his head or his tail is facing the surface. He's also acting a bit lethargic, too. How long until his SBD goes away? I know that the parasites will most likely take 2-3 months.

And also, do you think it could have something to do with espom salt or plants? I ended his espom salt treatment recently and last night I took out his anarchis and java ferns (They were all starting to rot) Then he magically is better the next day. I'm ordering all my plants from online now since the plants are kept with fish at my LFS which could transfer diseases if I don't wash them well enough... Maybe I brought the parasites to Velvet in his plants 0.0

And I'm worried about another thing. His stress levels. Now whenever I do a water change he'll have stress stripes for over an hour afterwards, and if I put light near his tank he'll get stress stripes, and if I move the thing that holds his food, which creates a slight vibration in the desk his tank is on, he gets stress stripes... see what I mean? He never used to get stress stripes like this!
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The action of fresh garlic not garlic juice when the fish eat enough of it can help purge the body of excessive internal parasite-not rid them 100%-it takes at least 6 weeks of 2-3 times daily intake of fresh crushed garlic in a 2:1 ratio of garlic to food emergency situation Garlic is not a good choice for treatment.
Garlic juice is great for an appetite stimulant

Swim bladder problems can be related to several different causes-one being genetic, deformities and all you can do is make them comfy and treat symptom
Another cause is from constipation and the duct is either inflamed, impacted or infected
You also can have buoyancy issues that are related to the labyrinth organ that can be bacterial related or from too cool dry air

These things can happen at the fish farm or nursery that they came from, at the pet shop or in the home aquarium (except for genetic unless it is home spawned)-due to poor breeding and/or culling practice, poor water quality, nutrition, husbandry in general...sometimes these fish are belly sliders or faller that should be culled at the breeders-sometimes they will recover and later as they mature or placed in bad condition it will show back up and all the hobbyist can do is treat symptoms, sometimes they get better and sometimes they don't-some can live a normal life and other struggle and suffer...all depending on the root cause and how long they have been in that condition

Chronic buoyancy problems may need Epsom salt 2-3tsp/gal long term-some need antibiotic-some respond to treatment while other do not....genetic, age, length of time kept in bad conditions and length of time they have had the buoyancy problem, degree of damage- are factor in if they can recover or not

Some of these things are out of the hobbyist control and all we can do is make them comfy and when we have done everything that we can do and the fish is suffering and struggling....we have to do what is right by the animal.....I am not saying that your Betta is at this stage..just a general statement.....

I don't think the plants had anything to do with it per se, however, the decaying plants can cause water quality problems

It is always best to treat a sick fish in a small QT container so you have better control of the environment and can observe the fish easier/better and the products used for treatment will have no effect on the display tank and its contents

With buoyancy issues they need lower water level, still water, lots of water changes, low lights all of which live plants do not like or thrive well in-plants generally will tolerate low levels of Epsom salt but do not do well in high levels that are needed for buoyancy problems

Since these problems have been going on for over 2 weeks it may be time to change treatment plans and try a different method-antibiotic, antiparsitic you cover all bases..

Good luck I hope your lovely Betta gets better soon.....
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I didn't know that D=

I was just putting "Garlic extreme" (A container of garlic juice meant for fish) and water and soaking the pellets in it. So it doesn't work? I'm completely broke and can't afford medication )=

His tank is already small it's only 1.75 gallons. His SBD isn't nearly as severe as it used to be, in fact it's already almost gone 0=

Any medications I could use that I don't have to buy since I don't have any money at all and my dad wont buy anything because "it's a $2 fish"? I feel so bad for Velvet right now )=
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I only use natural methods so I can't advise...sorry....just keep doing what you are doing...sounds like he is on his way to mend...sometimes it can take time and repeat treatment....sometimes even a break from all treatment and just fresh clean dechlorinated water of the correct temp and diet to allow the fish immune response to take control and take care of themselves...... and time.....
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I don't think there is any medication that helps SBD. Keep the water clean and maybe try to find the food that triggers it and stay away from that food. I think you're doing the best you can under the circumstances.
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Watch out for Tainted Anacharis... when you get more.

Only reason I haven't burned the thing is well... I'm a botanist as a hobby as well so I can't give up on it. Water plants are a new realm for me.

Glad to here he's doing better!
See my Tarot reading was somewhat correct hahahaha
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