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5.5 and 20 Gallon Tank Stocking

Quiestion 1-
As of right now I have a 5.5 gal tank (80 degees, 7.5 ph) with Gyrados my betta and Sam, G's gold inca snail. The tank is live planted (riccia, anubias, java fern, java moss, amazon sword) with lots of hiding spaces. I'd like to add a few red cherry shrimp but don't know how many should go in.


Also I'm planning in a year or so when I have my own living space to upgrade Gyarados to a lives planted 20 gal w/stand and put my dalmation female Ariel in the 5.5. I'm obviously still in the looking/planning stages but was wondering what I could get in a 20. So far I'd like-
Red Cherry Shrimp
Gold Inca Snail
Dalmation Mollies
Mickey Mouse Platies
Mini Cories
How many of each should I be getting? Are there any other fish that you would suggest?

Info on Gyrados: He's an oddly social, non-aggressive DT. As far as I've found he actually does enjoy tankmates because he's curious and likes to investigate things. He'll follow shrimp and his snail around, but he doesn't bite, chase or hunt. Put in his changing tank next to another cupped betta he won't flare.
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1- If I were you I'd do 10 or 20 shrimp.... I love stocking to the limit Lol.

2- Neon tetras look neat... but that sometimes doesn't work out. And that "mini cory" What do you mean? Do you mean pygmy? Here are a few corycat species:


You could also look into doing a sorority instead of a community. I'd do 10 females, but you could do 5 females and some community fish if you want.
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crowntail lover
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1. You could go with 7 shrimp.. You shouldnt have too many.. they have to share food with your snail
2. I dont recommend Tetras to be housed with Bettas.. But you could go with
15+ shrimp
2 to three snails
6 Dalmations- all females if you dont want fry
and the same for platies
and you could go with about 7 Cories.
But you have to remember..Cories, Snails, and Shrimp eat all the same types of foods...So be sure to provide plenty.
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