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Real funny, bettasitter...

So I left my brother (14yo) in charge of the apple of my eye for two weeks while I spend time with family. Thing is, he doesn't really know anything about fish keeping, especially betta keeping, so I call him every couple of hours to check what the levels are at.

Yesterday, he called me up saying that there was a "bloodworm stuck in his gills". hgjasdhgkdsajk
After a crummy picture, a lot of detail and me freaking out,

I am soooo worried about him >,< He doesn't know what anything wrong looks like...

Anyone else go through a similar situation?
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No, not yet but I may soon. I want to go to Washington for a visit (since I am not able to move there yet) when I get my tax refund back but then there is hesitation because there is noone responsible enough to look after my fish. I could stay in Florida and visit places I have not seen yet but do I wanna risk missing my family because of my pets or take the chance that they will survive a week or two? In your situation I think checking the level every few hours is a bit much. You put some level of trust in electing him to care for your beloved so give him the benefit of doubt and hope for the best. Most 14 y.o. would say screw you I got my own life I think it is nice he is helping you out if it would ease your mind have him to read care facts from this site then quiz him on it. Then maybe you can ease up a lil on him
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He's probably just as worried as you are. Ease up a bit on him, bettas are hardy, unless your brother really messes up, they'll be fine. Check on your little bro once a day, and hear out what he's done. Chances are he's doing the best he can. If need be, it might actually be less stressful on both of you if you tell him only to check up on your betta fish say at the most 4 times a day for say no more than 20 minutes at a time. Twice to feed him (morning and evening), and the other two times to do the water change or just to look.

When I had to leave my eleven year old sis in charge for a week, I left a list of specific details that went indepth, and about three days before I left I forced her to be my shadow so she see's how to do things. That way, she had seen what she needed to do, and she had a list letting her know she was doing it the just way she needed to. :) Things went smoothly and everyone was fine when I got back.

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