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Well, the original Library Fish is now in the aquarium in the sky, so I went to the LFS and got a new one that looked healthy and active. My other fish (balloon red-eye tetras, blood shrimp, nerite snails, and a dwarf gourami) came from that store and they're all healthy in my home tank, and have been since July.

The New Guy developed ich, though! Booooo. He's on his own in a five-gallon tank at work that was not cycled prior to putting him in it, because I cleaned all the stuff out thoroughly and air-dried it all after the previous betta died so as to prevent any diseases from transferring. I treat the water with AquaSafe and have a mini Hydor Theo heater in it. For those who are unfamiliar, the little Hydor is an under-gravel heater that does not have a temperature control - it just raises the temperature of the water a couple degrees, so with the hermetically sealed, climate-controlled library environment I'm in it's a pretty consistent 78 in the tank all the time.

I don't have any aquarium salt at work but could bring some from home. Since I can't raise the temperature I thought I'd try Super Ick Cure by API. I removed the filter and dosed the tank yesterday and this morning he was still covered in spots and half-buried under a rock! I thought he'd gone to visit the original Library Fish in the sky, but when I got a net in there he shimmied out and ate his pellets as per usual.

I know others' advice on the forum has been to be patient, but I feel bad for him! He's a sprightly dude. Should I try to remove the Super Ick Cure and use aquarium salt instead, even though I can't adjust the water temp? Do I really need to wash the whole tank out again after the ich is gone?

There are so many different "right" ways of doing things that I'm never sure what to do for my own fish.
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I had a similar situation. My friend bought me a red VT from a Petland (YUCK!) and it had ich at the store (but my friend was unaware). I put him in a 2.5 gallon hospital jar (no decorations or gravel) and treated him with Quick Fix and aquarium salt as well as a little extra water conditioner (just a couple extra drops). I changed the water every day and within three days he was a lot better. It took another couple days for it to go away completely. He's as happy as a clam now! Not saying this is the only way to do it or anything, that's just what I did. This was also at room temperature too, he would have healed faster if I had a heater but I didn't have a spare.

P.S. Never buy a fish from Petland.
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The way i treat is is by raising the temperature to 85 ish degrees, then using aquarium salt and if I dont see improvement in a few days a up the dose ( unless its a bad case but then i switch right to medication and salt) and after another few days then I switch to some sort of medication. The trick is to get the ich free swimming which happens in the natural cycle but can be sped up but heating it up. So far this always works for me.
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