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Oh, no! I'm so sorry about your girls!
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
This is just my opinion.....when you place half grown to full grown unrelated female Bettas in a 10gal tank-the stress alone causes multi problems...starting with compromising the immune response and it is down hill from that my opinion....sororities should start out in nothing smaller than 20 gallons with related females or if you can only get unrelated females they need to be under 2 months of age with lots of floating plants, low growing plants and most important tall plants that go all the way to the top to the point that they float somewhat on the surface in at least 6 different places-back-sides-middle..... to break the line-of-sight-this is to give them a way to the top without being seen....IMO-it is more important to have hiding places at the top and mid level not the bottom, however, this is important too-because Betta are top/surface dwelling fish and this isn't even talking about the feeding issues you can still have with sororities........

I have seen folks post about their 10g sororities that do well for about 6 months and then crash...rarely do you hear about them being successful much longer....some do...but it is rare......this is just my opinion.......

Shinybetta...sorry about your loss......these type of setup can be a challenge even for the most experienced keeper......
What are the best floating plants to get? I dont have any experience with live plants but if they are easy to care for I can hopfuly handle them. Are there any good fake floating plants that I can get from the pet store? (I perfere not to order anything online bad experience once)
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Water lettuce, frogbit, duckweed, hornwort, water wisteria are all good floating plants that will usually do well in most tanks...also the lily and lotus bulbs will work well too once they send the lily pad to the surface....good tall plants for the back, sides and middle are your sags and vals

Good places to find floating plants are at shops that sell pond supplies-live goldfish, koi...etc.... since floating plants are used for both food and cover for these species....

I don't use fake plants so I don't know what is on the shelf...but most silk plant would work I would think.....
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