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Man I wish I had my camera xD

So today was payday, and I went out a-shopping for my new little 'king' betta that my family got me, Calder. He's a pretty dark blue guy with a black face, and he's so skittsh!

Previously he'd been in the tank only with a little opalite turtle, a coffee mug, a Styrofoam cup split in half and tapped to either side, and his heater and thermometer. I felt bad. :C

I went out though and got some pretty black gravel from petco-- and since I don't have any lights yet, I got him a pretty, broad-leafed tall silk plant and some floating plastic ones that are supposed to be water lettuce. He really seems to love hanging out in the roots of those already.

I felt soooooo bad when I had to get him out of the tank though! I must've dropped the net somewhere between my house and petco because I couldn't find it! So of course I though; no big deal, I'll just suck him in with the cup he came in. :C He put up a big fight and turned all pale and I swear I even saw stripes on him.At once point I finally got him into his cup, and he jumped out and landed on my hand and flopped about down into the water. ;A;

But now that he's back in he seems happy as can be. And I bought some New Life Spectrum betta pellets. OH my GOSH. He's still so shy that I have to back off before he'll come get a pellet of food. Well I switched him to this stuff, backed off, and let him eat. And he was hesitant. but after the first one he waited. And for the first time he didn't dart away when I came to feed him-- instead he kept staring at me like he was expecting more! I stopped after four pellets though. But goodness he seems to like them!
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