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Originally Posted by Omega3 View Post
Your tanks are beautiful! What's the grassy looking stuff some people grow? I love the look of kelp! How does one need to plant anacharis to achieve that look? I only wish I could have a current strong enough to get that lovely wave going on.

Ok, so far I'm thinking large java fern (I don't want to have to wait for everything to grow), lilly bulbs, anacharis, lucky bamboo (I know where it's dirt cheap, so why not?), water wisteria, and anubias. Basically a little bit of everything.

Since I live on the coast, I may go drift wood hunting. Any clues on how to get the salt water out? Boil it?

My mini bow has no hood, ergo no light (goodwill). I have a desk lamp and an overhead light, though. Will this much light kill the low lighting plants? Which ones need anchoring and how does one anchor them?

DormDrax, how did you manage to kill bamboo? It grows on rocks! My dad about killed some by putting it in nutrient rich soil, but re-potted it and it's fine. My parents have issues with bamboo overtaking their yard and I had to recruit my dog to help cut it down.

Attached is my current set up. I really don't like using my snake's shedding device as a cave since it's rough and sharp in some places (hence it being good for shedding), but Quasimodo seems to love it and I do think it would look lovely covered in moss. However, it will be risky if Quasi ever gets external parasites and wants to rub against it...

Here's my set up! Don't mind the cloudy water or low temperature, I had just changed the water before the picture was taken and waiting for the temperature to increase and the water clear up, which it invariably does.
How I got mine to look like kelp I planted each stem 1-2 inches away from eachother, planted it in sand, and added ghost shrimp (they look like salt-water shrimp in a kelp forest.). Another tip is to have some anacharis that is so tall it bends over on the top of the water. This is typical of kelp, so it improves the look.
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