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Post Am I the luckiest Betta owner ever?

WARNING: Story of inexperienced betta owner
There's always threads and members saying how inexperienced they were when they got their first betta. I did some research, and I came on this site often, but I still didn't know that much about Bettas.

So on to the story... I got my fish and followed all the insructions from the site (pellet food, place to hide, heater, thermometer, etc.). So I come home and resolve to change the water once every week (In a 1.5 gallon) and fast once a week. Well the feeding happened, but the water didn't get changed until 2 weeks later. (at least it was 100%) Then The next 2 weeks came, and I only changed partially. By the the feeding wasn't every day. Then I got a 10 Gallon. Water changes obviousley weren't needed as often. The feeding was, by then, 2-3 times a week 3 pellets. This continued for quite a while. But my fish never showed signs of illness or anything bad.

I was wondering how that could be possible?
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some bettas are hardier than others. my first one was an orange dalmatian Veiltail named Zach. he lived in a half-gallon bowl, with water changes whenever his water got gross-looking. >.>; i fed him six pellets every day. then, he moved to a one gallon with a bubbler. water changes were more frequent, but still not adequate. THEN, he lived in a 10 gallon, with no water changes. he was the healthiest betta ever, considering what he went through. >.>;
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I would think that some fish have stronger immune systems than others. Just like people.
For example: I live with my boyfriend. We both get sick every so often, but his immune system is much stronger than mine. I get sick more often and for longer, whereas he will either have the illness for a day or two, or he'll just be a carrier. Which in turn will get me sick. lol if that made any sense... the point I'm trying to make is that some bettas can endure harsher conditions than others... Or that your fish is related to my boyfriend. Whatever you want to take from that. lol
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