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Betta Foods

Recently I got my betta and noticed that he eats a pellet, tries to swallow, spits it back out, and repeat. At times when I'm changing his water, I found his spitted pellets buried in the gravel and I'm worrying if he will starve... For his pellets, which is the Aqua Culture brand, I cut them in halves and feed it individually to him.

I read that bettas should be given a variety of food so they won't get bored (and because they probably doesn't like the pet store pellets). So...
1.) I'm wondering what other foods are available to feed them besides pellets, brine shrimps, and blood worms? (like are goldfish flakes safe for them?)
2.) I haven't tried to feed brine shrimps and blood worms to him yet... but how much do these usually cost?

Thanks in advance for reading/helping!
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I recommend Hikari Bio-Gold pellets or Wardley betta pellets. I had a betta in the past who refused to eat anything Top Fin... I had to go through a couple of foods before I found one he would eat. Some are just picky eaters. Just keep offering him food. Eventually, he'll get hungry and eat anything you give him :)

Most bettas don't go for flake food... although I've heard of some liking them.
I forget how much my frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms cost, but I don't remember spending a lot on them... I want to say they were 5 or so? I haven't bought them recently... so I may be wrong on that estimate.
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Oh! I saw the Hikari Bio-Gold pellets at the pet store but the packet contained a small amount of pellets so I went for a bigger container... XD
Yeah I think mine is a picky eater, I will try to buy him some other brands! :D
Thank you for your answers, I appreciate it. ^^
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More variety the better. My betta eats everything from Flakes, Brine Shrimp, Pellets, Plankton, Daphnia, Blood worms, shrimp pellets (dropped in for ghost shrimp).

He's become much less picky once the 3 platy's were introduced to his new 14 gallon home and that's a good thing.
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For picky eaters I've had the most luck using Hikari Bio-gold betta pellets and Aqueon betta food.

Hikari Bio-gold looks small but it's usually 2.99 so it works out to about the same. You can also sometimes find huge bags for about 12.99.

You can also do frozen (not freeze dried) food or try growing your own cultures of bloodworm or brine shrimp. Once you get it going it can work out to be cheaper and better for the fish.
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Okay! Thank you for everyone's input, I'll keep those food in mind when I go out next time. (:
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I use Betta bio gold, Wardleys and Aqueon pellets.
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blood worms, brine shrimps, food, pellets

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