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New Betta :3

Hello everyone~ I decided to join this forum after lurking around and reading a bit! I owned a betta fishie for 2 years ;.; His name was Chuu (Japanese sound effect for kiss) and I bought him at the boardwalk. I'm just being sad now cause he passed away over this weekend, due to dropsy. He did a heck of a lot of traveling with me, haha! ANYWAY.

I came home to a new betta fishie already in the tank, which was nice of my boyfriend's parents... but I'm not so sure they put him in the tank the right way. I decided to name him Bo. The cup he came in says he is a male crown tail or something like this. He is VERY small, which makes me think he is a little baby fishie? Lol. But I'm confused cause his spike-y cool red tails are kinda short, and I read online that females usually have shorter fins.

His temperature right now is I think 65 degrees, which is really cold, isn't it? I'm gonna try to buy a small tank heater tomorrow. How should I raise the temperature in the tank though? Its not very big and I know that I can't put Bo through a really big temperature change!

I was also thinking about getting Bo a buddy. Like a snail. Would that be okay? My boyfriend said a snail would also help keep the tank clean.

One last question is about the tank light. It isn't very bright. With my other fishie, Chuu, I use to leave the light on all of the time. I had a pink filter over it. For my new fishie, Bo, do I want to turn off the light at night so he has a sleeping/awake schedule like a human being? Not so sure what to do about that.

I hope I can get some answers to help my new buddy, Bo. <3
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Aww that was nice of your boyfriend ^.^
As far as the temperature goes, do you have a hot water bottle? or get some heat packs ect? if so rap those around the tank with a towel or something, that should help (all depends on how small the tank is , for the above thing to work) 65 is VERY cold for a betta, you want his temp at 76-84 degrees, with that temp he will be really lathergic which can cause him prone to disease and such. A snail from what i have read would be fine for a betta, but bettas do not need "friends" aside from you, and a snail in a small tank might not be such a good idea might cause your betta to become defensive, and anyways a tank thats small needs full water changes at least once a week if not more. so there is really no need all in all for a snail. Yes you want to turn the light off before you go to bed so he gets the sence of night and day, and during the day you will want him to be able to have a bit of sunlight, so having your bedroom curtin open a lil bit in the day time would be good, then when it gets darker the light ( even if its weak) will be fine ^.^ hope that helps
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Posting a picture I'm sure people can tell you if it's really a boy or a girl, sometimes pet stores mess it up >< It may be possible though he's a very young crowntail. Betta's should have water temp from 78-83. How big is the tank you have him in? The size matters on the kind of heater you can get. Tanks smaller then three gallons are only suitable for small non-adjustable heaters, and if you get one of those you'll need a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature because they can fluctuate a lot. If you have a five gallon or more, then a adjustable heater is the way to go, but there a bit too powerful for smaller tanks.

If you get a heater, what I do to acclimate my fish after I do water changes, is I fill the tank up with water, let it sit for a while and let it get to room temperature then stick my fish back in, plug in the heater and let the water slowly warm up. Snails only will eat leftover food from your betta and make more of a mess then a lot of people think. If you don't overfeed your betta, then there would be need for a snail as long as you do water changes. I really only see use of them if there's live plants in the tank lol.

And the light, yeah, I would suggest turning it off at night, though I think betta's will sleep whenever they want too, light or no light. I have a betta in the living room who "sleeps" even with the light on, but I'm sure it would bother them less and let them relax a while with it off at night.
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Yes a picture of the lil' dude would really help us clarify if its really a girl or boy!

I have two heated 2.5g tanks, with this:
the 25 watt one

And as for snail's, they poop a lot more then they clean up.

Light's need to be turned off at bed time, fish need a day/night cycle too.
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