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Smile my family o' brats!

my first betta, i got years ago, back around 06 or so. he was a dalmatian VT, orange with red spots. i got him because he wasn't your "common" red, blue, green, any combo of those bettas that you saw all over the place back then. his name was Zach, and he was a strong fella. lived in a half-gallon bowl half his life, with minimal water changes, never got ick, velvet, fin rot, nada. then, he was upgraded to a one-gallon, where he spent a good chunk of his life, before spending his last year or so in a 10 gallon all to himself.

that was back when i didn't know much. back in March, i got my second betta, a pretty(but "boring") VT named Cup. Cup sure shocked me! after moving him from Zach's old one gallon to his two gallon, he grew. and his fins exploded in length! i don't have any good pics of his colors, but let me tell you, he surprised me with a tiny marble gene! he started as a turquoise, i guess the word is. blue/green body, black head, a smidge of red on his ventrils. well, his body shifted. no more green. he's now blue, black, white, and red! and, here are his beautifully long fins:

okay, i fibbed. i have ONE pic that shows colors, and fins. lol

next, is my oldest girl. a fat PK named Lulu. i lost my good pics of her colors, but here she is, peeking out of what used to be her hidey cave. it now belongs to my delta, Dante. :d

next, is my rescue, Zidane. he's a curly-finned CT. i rescued him from a nasty, fungus infested cup. Dx

next is Hyde, my ill boy. :< he doesn't like the camera, but gladly showed off his colors. lol

no, that bowl isn't his home. it was for water changes, and photo shoots. :d

next, my baby girl, Chappy Belle. she's a HMPK (marble?) Dragon i raised from a month-old fry. :3

next, is Dante, my copper delta boy. :3

last, is my darling Caroline. <3 my newest girl. i'm not sure on her tail type yet.

one of her "sisters" took a chunk out of her bottom fin, as you can see. but, it's growing back wonderfully! she's my little blue-eyed girl. <3
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Ooooh, Dante, him I want! His fins are soooo long! And Chappy Belle looks like she's wearing a gold sequin dress, nice!
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Location: South Carolina
Dante's still young, so his fins aren't as long as some Delta's can be. :3

Chappy thinks she's a princess, so she probably thinks that too! :3
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i adore chappy.... probably my fav female till now.
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