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Newbie with Question

I have three Betta boys. My problem/question involves my oldest boy, Hendrix, who lives in a goldfish type bowl. I sorry I don't know the amount of gallons. He has a tye-died colored looking rock to hide in, although he has outgrown it. I try to keep the temp in my bowls between 68 & 72, although my little temp. strips I keep on the outside usually read about 68. I don't have any filtration/aeration pumps. I feed all my boys every other day, three Wardley Betta Food pellets each and maybe a very small pinch of freeze dried Tetra Bloodworms once a week. They usually fast on the weekends as I have them on my desk at work. I usually do a complete change in my water once a month with all the other times just adding to it, when about a third of it evaporates. I use distilled water from the store and keep it at room temp. All that being said, here is my dilemma:

I have noticed Hendrix not being as active or social lately. Probably in the last week or so. He eats good, but stays at the bottom of his bowl and lays on his side. He swims around pretty good too, so I don't think he's bottom heavy or constipated. When he does get constipated or if I think he is, I usually pull him out of his water, put him in a smaller bowl and put a frozen pea in with him. Everytime I have done this, he bounces back. I took Henrix out of his bowl this morning to change his water and my mailman, who loves bettas too, said it looks like he is "panting". So I watched him "breathe" for abit and he does look like that.

I don't want to "put him to sleep" or anything, cause I love my Hendrix boy, but do not want him to suffer in anyway. Does anyone have any advice?
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How often do you do water changes? That might be your problem small bowls like that need to be changed everyday 100%. Using tap water with tap water conditioner is cheaper then distilled water. Also you need to get a heater betta are tropical and need to be kept at about 80* F Hope he gets better!
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