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Quasi refuses to get better

Quasimodo has been treated for parasites (2 doses of Jungle Bowl Buddies Parasite remover 48 hrs apart with 50% water change in between) and moved into a 10 gallon tank last night, 48 hours after his last parasite treatment. A few minutes after being moved, he threw up (he'd been fed earlier in the morning). Recently, he's not been very motivated to move and he's back to swimming with his head toward the surface, which he hasn't done in about a month. While moving him with a net, he lost the tip of one of his rays.

I was hoping the parasite treatment would help, but it hasn't so far. He seemed a little more active in the 10 gallon, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Today, I am going to get him some pellets, a heater, light bulbs for his hood, a filter and maybe some plants.

Here are my questions:

1) What pellets are best?
2) How often should I change his tank water in his 10G? I can only find this information for community tanks, which I'd like to make his one if/when he gets well and stable.
3) What filter would be best? I'm thinking about getting an undergravel filter.
4) Would it be OK to treat him for parasites again?
5) Does losing that tip of his fin necessarily mean fin rot and what is best for it? The tip lost was curled; does that mean it's already damaged and more fragile? I don't want to treat him for something he doesn't have.
6) His heater is doing a poor job in his 10 gallon tank. What heater would you recommend? I'd like one with settable temperature control.
7) Could this be stress from being moved so much lately? I have moved him a lot lately due to treatments and accidental food dumping and now a new tank. One of the reasons I got the 10 gallon was to reduce the stress of water changes.

Approximate Timeline of water changes and moves since January 1st 2011-

Jan 3rd- Arrived home from extended vacation, 100% water change
Jan 4th- Bubble nest in corner of tank, fish appears to have brighter colors
Jan 5th- Food dumping and 100%water change, noticed stringy poop, dose 1 of Jungle parasite treatment
Jan 7th- Facing surface, hides behind filter, not as active
Jan 8th- 50% water change, loses tip of fin in process, and dose 2 of parasite treatment
Jany 10th- New 10g Tank

Thank you! Any and all input is greatly appreciated!
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PLEASE! Someone? Anyone? His fins are clamped and he's pouting! I awoke last night to find his eyes turning blue and him laying at the bottom in a corner. I had to tap the glass several times to get him to move and he's finger shy. He swims so slowly! I turned on his lamp for added heat and turned off the filter so he can swim more easily. I went back to bed. I awoke again and he seems to be doing better; his eyes aren't blue and he was moving around a little. I have tried feeding him Hikori Biogold Pellets and he tries to eat, but he just spits it out. It's the same with the flakes he's been gobbling. I'm going to get a heater today and leave his filter off for now, though the current doesn't look strong for a healthy fish. I'm going to keep feeding him, but very very little so it doesn't just sit and rot.

I really hope that his lying on the bottom means he's just cold. I asked my sister about it and she said he seemed to prefer warmer end of the temperature range when she had him.

As always, any and all advice, experience, thoughts, questions, etc are appreciated!
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I can answer a few of your questions. I recommend the Marineland stealth visitherm heater. I think 50 watts will be fine for a 10 gallon. I also recommend Hikari betta bio gold, New Life Spectrum or Wardleys pellets.
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