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What to Use?

We've waited for quite a while to move homes but the papers are estimated to end sometime this week or next week. This means that I'll have to find a way to move Bubbles from one home to the next. I don't have the container that I got Bubbles in anymore because my mother thought it was garbage and threw it away so what can I use to move Bubbles to our new home? Is it possible for me to get containers like that from Petco? If so how much should it cost?
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You could go to Walmart or any petstore and buy a small critter keeper that you could use for moving and it would come in handy for cleaning too:)
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You don't need to buy anything. A plastic bag and a rubber band should work just fine. :)
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A plastic bag, a cup with some cling wrap, a tupperware bin. There are plenty of options. How large is the tank and how far do you have to go?

When I went home for 2 weeks over the holidays I just pulled all the decorations, filter and heater out of my 3 gallon. I drained a little over 1/2 the water, wrapped it in a sweater with some toe warmers (dry chemical heating packs that go in boots for winter sports, around here you can buy them anywhere) that lasted 10h (my drive was 6h). Draining the water made it so it didn't splash everywhere and made it lighter so I could carry it. My betta was fine, I think he slept most of the way. The temp only dropped 1 degree over the 6 hours I was driving.

When I got to my destination I just set everything back up.

Obviously for larger tanks this isn't an option which is where you can grab a plastic cup from the cupboard, put some cling wrap over the top with an elastic. Maybe cut some small holes for air. Same goes for tupperware/ziploc/food storage containers.

You can pack him like they do in pet stores, a large plastic bad with a little water, leave a large air space and tie the top.

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