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First Time Fish Owner and I am Nervous/Scared.

Hello, I have read an article about starting a new tank and cloudiness in the tank I am having some problems due to lack of money. I am actually pretty scared because this is the first time I have ever owned fish. So here is basically what is happening.

I am on day 4 with fish in my tank.
The white cloudiness started about 14 hours ago.
I can not get testing supplies :( ...

Fish Tank:
10 Gallon, rectangular
Constantly been at 76-78 degrees F
Rocks at bottom
2 Structures
3 Fake Plants
I plan on adding one real plant bulb under gravel as soon as possible.

1 Male Crowntail Betta
3 Green Corey Cats
2 Black Mystery Snails
1 Ghost Shrimp'
I might try adding one last fish that, being a plecos. I heard they were good for tanks and might be semi compatible with Bettas. The rest of the fish work great with my Betta (Mauricio) :)

The fish seem to be acting normal except for the Betta. It has stayed near the top since the first day but it does come down and explore sometimes as well as hang out around/in the fake plants. But on a good note, every passing day/half day the Betta seems to be more active and goes deeper and deeper. Right at this moment he is as low as you can go in the tank. The shrimp just goes on eating/cleaning/? everywhere. Not really sure what its doing. The cats just look for food and swim around normally it seems. The snails entered the tank and moved around the whole tank for a day or two but are now starting to slow down and not come out of their shells.

The white cloudiness in the tank was very small at first but now it is semi decent. It doesn't look bad at all but it does worry me. It also seems like it might already be clearing up but I do not want to be so sure. Especially since I do not have the supplies to test for different levels I have read about, I am extremely worried and sad. Should I just let nature take its course and hope for the best?

Could the plecos and live plant help the aquarium?

Any help would be great ! I have recently fell in love with fish in the last two years and this is my first attempt and praying for success.

Sorry if this was a hard to read post, I have a kid on my lap and a busy day ahead of me (lol). Looking forward to meet all of you within the community!

EDIT: One more question for the tank and fish. Is it ok to readjust the structures and plants freely? I need to make a few adjustments but I was not sure if I need to take the fish out?

Thanks - David

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Welcome to the forum and the fish keeping world....

You say you have the water test products what kind and...can you post your numbers for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH

Sounds like a bacterial bloom and normal with a cycling tank, however, it can be hard on the I would start making some 25-50% water only daily water changes for the safety of the fish for a couple of days and then monitor your water prams and any time you have readings of ammonia or nitrite 0.25ppm or greater make a water only change

You also need to make at least 1 weekly 50% water change and substrate vacuuming
Don't touch the filter media unless it clogs up and then only give it a swish/rinse in old tank water with a water change-you will need to do this a couple of times a month once your tank is cycled too.

During the fish-in cycle you don't want to disturb the gravel/substrate more than once a week-but you still need to make water only changes a couple of times a week

Adding live plants are always good

Your tank is not big enough to house a pleco-the smallest pleco needs at least 20gal

Look forward to seeing some pic....
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betta, crowntail

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