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Lightbulb New questions and ideas

SOOOO... my tank has been cycling for close to 3 weeks now.

And *Twich eye* 5ppm ammonia and 0 nitra/ite. Just as it has been this whole time.

I removed the shrimp (My cycling method!) once the ammonia reached around 5 PPM and it's stayed at that this whole time. I'm getting very frustrated, but don't want to do the fish in cycle or anything.

So how about the planted tank cycle?

I have a bunch of tropiva swords, 2 HUGE bunches of foxtail "green", 1 java fern, and 2 HUGE bunches of anarchis. I'm thinking if I do a planted cycle then I just have to create new bundes of Anarchis especially since it's like... the best ammonia removing plant there is. BUT I'm a bit confused on this whole thing.

If I were to do the planted tank one, should I just wait for the plants to recover from shipping, create new bundles and super-ly heavly plant the tank, Wait for ammonia to go down from the plants (?) and then add 5 females? (SORORITY! =D) I read that cycling like this works... oh BTW my tank is 10 gallons.

Another question... Do I have to put a small number of fish in for this method? Or can I create a sorority using it? Or should I just be patient and wait 2 months for it to cycle... (Growls)
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Thats so weird because I had a different issue...

Then again I didn't have the API master test kit till recently so perhaps ONCE you notice your Nitrites spiking... you just have to wait.

I think it goes... like... Ammonia > Nitrites > Nitrates > HOORAY!
Like I said... I THINK... I THINK I just passed the Nitrites phase and now the water shows up NOTHING cept the PH 8, but someone said the Nitrates should start rising soon...
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