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breeding tank question

So I scrapped the first pair due to the male and female not being so compatible after one week in the breeding tank the male stopped trying to build a bubblenest and the female still didn't seem interested in him. I decided to start over and purchased a new pair. Male is a Royal Blue/solid Black face HM & Female is a turquois Blue CT. I have started them on loodworms and freeze dried brine shrimp. I will continue this for 1-2 more weeks. My Question is about the breeding tank. I have the water level at 6 inches and the temp is 78 degrees. I added some live plants too. Should I add any aquarium salt or blackwater extract?

And when should I add the male and the female? I have heard that the best thing to do is to add the male and let him get used to his new tank first then 3-5 days later release the female into the breeding tank with him. Also, should I continue to feed the breeding pair in the breeding tank once the female is released or do you not feed them until they have spawned?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to make sure to get it right this time.

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Spawning this species varies a lot....with your new pair I would mass feed them for at least a week-live and frozen foods can really help to get them in the spawning mood.....keep them so that they can't see each other during this time-some will let them see each other for 30min-1h each day during the conditioning period

Get the water temp in the spawning tank at least 80F and yes, blackwater extract is a good idea but not the salt

I do the shock method of introduction-in a natural like setting full to the top with water and lot of live plants as a natural separator and this works for me-
And others do the add the male and float or use something to keep the female separated from the male but in the spawning tank so they can see each other for a few day until the male build a nest and the female is showing signs of readiness

I feed my spawning pair together if they stay in the tank together longer than a day and I also feed the male when he is caring for the eggs/fry...some males won't eat.....yet another factor that varies in spawning this species...I also turn out the lights at night...I used to keep half the light on until the fry became free swimming.....not any more.....things

You have experiment a little and try different methods until you find the one that works for your breeders
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