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Exclamation Needed: Dummy proof guide to live plants.

Hey everyone! I will be going to college in the fall (freshmen woo) and will be taking with me a 10 gallon with one male betta and probably my mystery snail (will he eat live plants?) Anyway I need a fail-proof guide for live plants because I really want to do it, and this will be the tank I won't change around much. So I'll a couple things I know I need to know, but other than that please share all your wisdom! Thanks so much!

Will my mystery snail eat the live plants? (Would ghost shrimp eat live plants?)
Best/easy beginner plants?
Do I need some special substrate under my gravel?
Do I need liquid "fertilizer"?
Best lighting? I have the "yellow" looking bulbs currently. Is natural sunlight from a window enough light?
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natural sunlight would probably be fine. fertilizer i wouldnt worry about. i just got substrate from petco. 20 lbs for 17 shipped. its supposed to grow out plants and be fertilizer. if you want good floating plants, i would try out frogbit. they look very nice and provide plenty of hiding space. the snail will probably eat the plants, i doubt the shrimp will, unless you dont give him food. im not an expert, im just guess on this stuff.
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Research the Walstad method. It works great! The mystery snail and ghost shrimp won't eat plants. Good beginner plants: Java fern, java moss, hornwort, anacharis, anubias.... With the walstad method you do not need fertilizers. The natural light is good, but you should look into 6500K lights for plants.
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