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Unhappy ill Hyde

x-X sorry for so many posts here. this has been bugging me for a while.

not too long ago, i housed my marble VT, Hyde, in a storage bin, something not too uncommon with some betta keepers. after a while of living in there, he got pretty lethargic, and clamped. i moved him to a spare one-gallon Kritter Keeper, where he perked right up. not thinking much of it, i cleaned it out really well, and put my yellow VT, Gackt, in there. soon after, though, Gackt got all twitchy, and returned to being clamped(he'd been ill before, and i never figured out why. he'd been doing really good, though. fattened back up, unclapmed, and became active). i quickly took him out of it, and housed him in a spare half-gallon, thinking he'd perk back up. he never did, and got worse and worse, before finally passing a few weeks back. soon after, Hyde started showing the same symptoms Gackt had, which are:

*weight loss
*long periods of either floating up top, or staying at the bottom without moving much

but, like Gackt, Hyde is keeping his appetite, and interacts with me when i come to his tank. he also flares and flirts actively with my female, Caroline. i'd thought they had parasites, so i treated Gackt for them right before he passed. i was hesitant to do so with Hyde, but did. it made no difference in anything. i keep the bottom of his tank bare, and check his poops often. they're perfectly normal. thinking maybe it was something bacterial, i've been feeding him medicated, anti-bacterial pellets, with no change at all(he seems a bit mad after finding out they're the medicine food, and not the yummy food, but he doesn't spit them out anymore).

could the bin have poisoned my boys? since no meds have worked, could it be something else? i've not seen any of the meds suggested here at my lps, so i can't go out and buy any, all i have are the anti-bacterial pellets, and the Jungle brand parasite tablets. he seems to have his up days, where i swear he's gonna keep getting better, than down days, where i swear he's gonna die as i watch.

he's in an unheated one gallon, but i keep my room really warm(having a few heated tanks, and a computer helps alot. lol i'm sweating as i type this, and i'm in shorts and a t-shirt!).

he's going from a few up days(he attempted a bubble nest. breaks my heart to see), to a down day or few(he's just laying up at the top right now, in the corner, not moving. if i hadn't just seen him move a bit, i'd think he's dead...). i feel horrid about keeping him and Gackt in that bin now, and it's no longer in any way associated with bettas. it now houses books.
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Some plastic can leach toxin into the water....check the bottom and see if any numbers are on it....if the plastic is not human grade safe for food products you don't want to use them for fish and water

Sadly, if it is a toxin-not much can be done especially if the damage is done to the internal organs from the toxin....all you can do is make them comfy and make frequent water changes

In a 1gal unfiltered tank I would do 1-50% and 1-100% a week to maintain water quality.
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i change his water every other day. like, i'm changing it tonight, then i'll do it again on Tuesday. he's pretty comfortable, all things considered. i'm spoiling him as much as i can. i feel horrible for not checking that beforehand... he's a trooper, though. he's been fighting it for a long while now. i thought i was giving him a bigger home, but i was just poisoning him..... i may trash that bin, now that i know that.....
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